19 bizarre and hilarious wedding dresses you can use on your wedding day


We all have special days in our lives and try to keep them as special memory forever. A wedding is one of the most special among that. Here comes the bride, all dressed in white… that’s how the traditional song goes. Still, modern-day brides tend to get uncommon for their wedding day, especially wedding dresses. Most women seek the best and most distinctive wedding dress that can make them special and make their wedding day memorable. While some women find their unique wedding dresses successfully, others end up with unique dresses in a hilarious way. To look sole and different, they select funny and bizarre dresses. They wanna get more attraction from their friends and relatives in an innocent way. 

Regardless, these dresses are entertaining to look at! The good, bad, and ugly of the wedding dress are  here. We’ve put together a collection of some hilarious wedding dresses

  1. She’s the lyrical lover

This was an excellent opportunity for them to combine street style and tradition with tee-shirts, pants, hats and other fun accessories

  1. Camouflage passion

Camouflage is very popular among hunters, outdoorsmen, and women.  However, this passion has extended even to wedding dresses. They want to blend into their surroundings at their outdoor wedding.  

  1. The cake dress

How fun is that to have the bride dress as a cake and the groom as a baker? Sometimes, they may be really food lovers, or the bridegroom may be chefs.  Finally, She has found a perfect dress that can complement her husband’s chef suit. 

  1. American Woman

The national flag is proud for everyone in the US people. Although it has many rules and traditions around to use, this lady selects the US flag for her wedding dress.

  1. Flaming hot!

Usually, flame patterns are not cool on a wedding dress, but this bride selected this unusual pattern on her wedding gowns. From the back, it looks scorching.  She still stuck a white base, but she jazzed things up by adding flames. She looks hot! 

  1. Wow, she is no different from that sheep

She loves her pet sheep so much that she crafted her wedding dress from their wool. This bride wanted to really represent herself and her favourite animal at her wedding. She nailed it! 

  1. Sponsored wedding

Lob, have you ever heard of sponsoring a wedding? This wedding dress was designed to show the shops that helped her. Sometimes her bridegroom may be a trader or marketer. 

  1. Better Safe Than Sorry

Yep, that is a condom-made wedding gown. This bride has something unique to say about AIDS in Africa. It seems that is a message about planned pregnancies, sex and public health. 

  1. Oops, Dress Made Of Divorce Papers

This designer created a bridal gown entirely from divorce papers. But negative outlook might really be an indicator that separation is undesirable.

  1. Cupcake Cutie

Yeah, this gown can perfectly pass for the cake. Different rows of cupcakes make this dress interactive. As guests come and take a piece of cake joyfully, the bride must have been awkward to bear it. 

  1. The Octopus Wedding Dress

She is not an Ursula from Disney’s The Little Mermaid. This lady wishes for 8 arms at this unique point, but this may be a bit much. She is missing 4 legs to be an actual octopus. However, having her dress cling to her arms would be a painful experience for her.

  1. So cute bride

Glitzy, glam, gorgeous and sexy. This beautiful bride is wearing a lovely dress showing her attractive figure.  Too cute.

  1. When you are too excited about exposing your private parts 

At first glance, this photo may be confusing your memory because private body parts positivity has taken off as a trend.  This anatomical dress is selected for flower girls at the wedding. However, you feel some irritant by looking at them; these women are delighted to show their female pride on their big day.

  1.  That’s a funny dress 

Lol, this woman appears to be wearing little more than two or three bits of cloth on her wedding day,

  1. Sport team loyalist

Some brides choose to honour their favourite sports team on their big day. This lady is a 76ers loyalist! She wears the team colour and displays the team logo on the front of her dress. Is her fiance a fan too?

  1. All On Display

Oops, she has decided to cover only major body parts on her wedding day. I don’t know whether this bride wants to message the most essential parts of family life. 

  1. Not allowed to bring pins or needles 

This is absolutely precious. This woman chose a dress that was made of balloons. Although the outfit’s design was highly skilful, she could not sit down or come into contact with sharp objects.

  1. One Wardrobe Malfunction Away

How does her gown stay in place for a photo, let alone a wedding and reception?

  1. Peculiar tummy

This wedding dress was designed to show her tummy. However, the scar or linea nigra (a typical line that forms on many women’s tummies during pregnancy) on her belly makes it peculiar.


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