Can You Change The Course Of An Asteroid? Yes, We Can, Says Nasa

I am sure whenever you happen to see or heard about earth’s possible collision with an asteroid, first thing rings the bell in your mind is diverting or blasting the incoming thing with nuclear bombs, right? However, the reality is far from the strategies they used in those Hollywood movies.

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17 Photos of Queen Elizabeth Nearly Bursting Us Into Laughter

Queen Elizabeth II was a person who welcomed joys and gloom with an open heart. Despite being a royal one, she used to comfort her beloved citizens with a smile instead of always showing her arrogance on her face. Her laughable funny movements in different situations will be the most precious thing we will remember even after her departure.

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What would be the Fate of the Crown of the Queen Mother?

Amidst lots of condolence messages and words of comfort flowing toward London, there are some claims that are making their way toward the British Empire. What are those claims? Some former colonies of the British Empire want the precious stones that they claimed to be stolen by the British Monarch!

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