25 Funny Photos of Cats and Dogs “Playing with Christmas Trees”


I am sure you also have experienced how difficult is to save your Christmas tree from cats and dogs if you ever happened to raise them. It’s a challenge every year to pet-proof your Christmas decorations, and almost every year, you come home to a tree that appears to have fainted. Although destructive, dogs mostly show that they are regretting their actions once they get caught. However, you will never experience any such pleading behavior from cats, instead they will show their “arrogance” by sitting next to their destruction. 

Sometimes you may find their works are hilarious and funny despite the damage already done. Anyway, this is the time of the year that your pets also got to enjoy and have some fun time for themselves. Maybe that is the reason they want to play with your Christmas tree and surely dogs don’t have any intentions to damage your property However, I have no idea about cats.  Following set of pictures are such examples for dogs and cats attacking the Christmas trees. Go through these hilarious pictures and share if they brought a smile on your face.

1. This cat seems that it has no regret whatsoever about his work 

 2. Do I look like a new species of Reindeer? 

3. I don’t know who the culprit is!  I am sure it’s not me. 

4. I don’t mind what happened to your Christmas Tree. I want my food.

5. You also wanna play or what?

6. Yes! I am the destroyer. Now I will mind my own business.

7. I did a great job by knocking down this tree. Now it’s sleeping time.

8. Art and the artist in the same frame!

9. Oh boy! I love climbing this tree.

10. You want some tips on decorating your Christmas Tree?

11. I love these string of lights

12. Nobody dare to touch my tree!

13. Is there any way out of this tree? I am lost.

14. I saved your tree from the aliens! I don’t know where they had gone.

15. Ok, now what? You gonna punish me?

16. I ate your Christmas

17. I thought it’s my gift to open.

18. Hide yourself. There is a monster in the room!

19. Now I can rest peacefully. My work here is done.

20. A new kind of Christmas Star.

21. This is how I decorated my Christmas Tree. Hard works pays off.

22. Am I beautiful as these lights?

23. I don’t want a Christmas Tree in my house.

24. We are Christmas Tree killers.

25. Why these people are so tiny? It’s time to play with some.


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