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The Story Of A “Husband Who Pranks His Angry Wife” Viral On Facebook With Hilarious Reactions

There’s nothing quite like that bittersweet feeling of pranking your loved one. Some pranks are definitely more creative than others. Let’s all agree to laugh out loud at the next funny one!

Zelus365 found a creative prank story  viral on Facebook.

Here is the story,

“We had a fight today and she threw the wedding ring out the window and went to her room.
As I ran to where the ring fell, I found it, then bought her something to eat, took it to the room and apologized.
She accepted and regretted and went to get the ring.
Spend two hours searching for the ring in full sun while the ring was in my pocket.
So I went there, gave it and said I had found it two hours ago.
So we had another fight.”

Credits Goes To The Original Owners

Not everyone needs a funny joke to make them smile. You just need to think like this guy.

Let’s see how people see this story and see some of the best comments.


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