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Whispers of Wags: Tattoos That Capture the Spirit of Our Beloved Pets

“Many will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart.” Yes, there are few remains in our hearts from most relationships. They hold a significant part in our souls. There are many ways to let them know how important they are. Sharing gifts, spending time with them, and giving more care are simple and ordinary acts.

We found some people who cross beyond simplicity. They have inked those loved ones on their bodies as a tattoo. We feel it weird and heart-touching because it is a permanent tattoo. Also, it is not about their parents, kids, or spouse; they made that immortal memory for their puppy.

Zelus365 hopes to share a few of those heart-touching stories with you and would like to give our respect to the parties for their humanitarian act.

Let’s see those lucky puppies and their stories.

#1.The rainbow girl, Daisy

Amanda Breitenkamp has shared her story about Daisy,

“When I got my tattoo, I never considered what would I do if they pass? Or would I do anything? Unfortunately, I had to make that decision a few months ago when we lost Daisy to cancer. Since she crossed the rainbow bridge, I thought I’d give her own little rainbow. I’m so glad I did.”

#2. The travel soule “The Joker”

Šárka Vokounová tattooed her Australian shepherd and her thought on it as follows,

“New tattoo, My Australian shepherd Joker has changed me and my life completely so I’ve got us together 4ever”

#3. Memory of cute puppy “Little Gem”

Alexis Rose had inked the white patch on her puppy as a permanent memory.

#4. Lovely boy “Petey”

Erika Mae tattooed the uneven teeth of her puppy and shared her feelings as follows, “One thing that I miss the most is when people would first see him and be afraid that he’s mean because of his severe under bite. But that underbite also gave me the best giggles when he would give me kisses and his tooth would go up my nose. Now I get to remember him every day by looking down at his snaggle tooth”

#5. Little paw Ryan

Jesse Valdez “Just wanted to show off my masterpiece of a tattoo of my dog Ryan.”

#6. Baby “Max”

Maddy McGill had share this on her wall with caption, “This was my 12yr old baby, max. my family and I lost him to megaesophagus”. The tattoo says how much it worth to them.

#7. Soul Pupper

Veronica Pflueger share her joy on new puppy tattoo. “Finally had my soul Pupper / once-in-a-lifetime dog tattooed on my arm. This boy means the absolute world to me and I’m so happy with how his portrait turned out – it captures his pittie grin “pawfectly”.

#8. Little “Pooka” boy

Haley Wilder “I wanted to share my tattoo I got of my boy Pooka! It’s based on a drawing I did of him as a puppy”.

#9. “OSKA” on its paw

Ashley Timms inked her dogs name on its paw. “My favorite tattoo – the paw actually has my dog’s name, Oskar, hidden inside!”

#10. Cute pie

Kayla Carey “Lost my baby April 19th so I had to tattoo my girl. Now she’s with me forever”

#11. Loving Labro

#12. Meet disney quine “Nala”

Charlotte Appleyard shared her Disney quine’s tattoo “This is my puppo, Nala. She’s 5 this year. She’s my baby and I love her I posted the pic of my Disneyfied tattoo of her over a year ago”.

#13. “Dany” girl

Samantha Stempowski is really happy with her new tattoo and she express it on her wall as, “I’m obsessed with my new tattoo of my Dany girl Also I don’t think I can tell you who my artist is. But she does fantastic work!”

#14. Love you Mama

From the wall of Heather Peacock Land, “Rory says “What is this?? Is that supposed to be me?? Really, Mom?” My tattoo is all healed and I just love it so much!! Not sure how much Rory approves though”.

#15. Weim Libby

Maddy Nelson shared her backstory of the tattoo, “A fresh pic of my new dog paw tattoo on my calf for my 11-year-old Weim libby I’m in loooooovee. she lost a toe bean due to a mass cell tumor likely brought on by her getting her poor footsie trapped in a bobcat trap”

#16. Little Black

Chandler Payne, “Who all has a tattoo of their fur baby?! Let’s see yours!”

#17. Meet “Olivers”

Casey Storm Northern, “I got a tattoo of my Olivers paw (and my S’mores frecklefoot) today! Tattooist put the bandage on my freckle to be silly”

#18. Cute ears

Michaela Brannon, “This is your excuse to get a tattoo of your dog’s ears, I promise you’ll be obsessed”.

#19. Rainbow art of Puppy

Jøy Samson, “Got my puppers tattooed on me,3 down one to go”.

#20. Ashes of “Echo”

Katie Jarka, “Got a tattoo in memory of my baby boy, Echo. He recently passed away due to diabetic ketoacidosis and it’s been incredibly hard on me. The tattoo artist was able to mix a small amount of Echo’s ashes in with the ink so he will be with me forever”.



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