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10 Surprisingly Down-to-Earth Parenting Tips from Our Favorite Celebs

Parenthood is a fantastic time that teaches us many things about children, parenting, and being a mother or a father. While celebrities might have more money to spend on their children, their challenges are no different from any other parent. This is because kids tend to behave in similar ways in any part of the world irrespective of the popularity of their parents. So when celebrities also become parents, they will have to adjust to their kids’ practices. In that case, parenting tips can be handy and necessary to make children as normal and humble as possible. When going through the following list of tips and tricks of how celebrities work with their children, you will realize that they are also ordinary human beings with the same parenting challenges as you. So their advice can help any parent to work efficiently with their children. Let’s check out some of our favorite celebrities’ surprisingly down-to-Earth parenting tips.

#1. Kate Winslet – Embrace the natural body.

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Kate Winslet, famous for her role as Rose in Titanic, is one of the most adored celebrities. Her advice to parents is to make children feel good about their bodies. When we think of celebrities, they are usually obsessed with fitness and maintaining their figure. But Kate Winslet gives out the message to tell the kids that they are beautiful and worthy irrespective of how their body looks. She encourages her daughter by saying that she is lucky to have a shape and be curvy. As a mother, Winslet advises parents to stop body shaming their kids since she has also experienced negativity about her body and knows how stressful it can be. This is a very sharp tip for parents all around the world.

#2. Will Smith – Accept your kids the way they are.

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Will Smith is an award-winning actor and a father to three beautiful children. He encourages his children to express themselves freely and accepts their strengths and flaws to be a part of their development. His tip for parents is to let the children be themselves and grow without trying to fit them into a mold. Will Smith’s parenting tip is a significant and useful one. A child should indeed be allowed to make their own mistakes, learn from them, and grow to be the best version of themselves, so his advice is very timely. He is very humble in sharing his ideas with all other parents.

#3. Blake Lively – Voice your comments.

Source: vancityreynolds / Instagram

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are very much respected regarding working with their children. We have seen how Ryan Reynolds speaks about his wife and children as the most precious things he has ever had. On the other hand, Blake Lively has some genius parenting tips that are very down-to-earth and useful for parents with small children. Her advice is to keep a comment box in the house so that the children can give feedback about the everyday things they do as a family. She is a firm believer that everyone should be given a chance to express their views. How amazing is that?

#4. Drew Barrymore – Keep the kids informed.

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Drew Barrymore is a very busy mother. She is always traveling due to her work, and she has significantly less time to spend with her kids. But she has done a great job making her kids understand how their mother works and where she is. Her tip is to have a calendar that tells the kids her plans for the month so that they can spend more time together when she is home. She also teaches her daughter where she travels so she can understand the geography of the world. Drew Barrymore seems to have an excellent tip for the parents through her very thoughtful actions.

#5. David and Victoria Beckham – Limit the screen time.

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In today’s world, smartphones are necessary for everyone, from kids to the elderly, since many things have to be done on such devices. But as we all know, too much time spent on smartphones, laptops, or the television can be extremely harmful to children. That is why David and Victoria Beckham have decided to limit their children’s screen time. They believe such a decision could be beneficial to the children’s health and development because they get more time to spend outdoors discovering themselves. It might be hard for many parents to take away the smart devices from their kids, but this tip can help your kids more than you think.

#6. Barak and Michelle Obama – The dinner ritual is a must.

Source: michelleobama/instergram

Another favorite parent duo is the former President and First Lady of the USA. As parents, they have been very flexible with the daughters, giving them a pretty everyday life. A parenting tip that Michelle Obama has to offer to other parents is establishing a dinner ritual so that everyone can gather around the dinner table and share what they did during the day. She advises parents to spend quality time together with their children, discussing problems that children face and getting them to be more open and honest with their parents. This is surprisingly a very humble tip for all the parents out there.

#7. Salma Hayek – Sing and tuck them into bed.

Source: salmahayek/ instagram

Salma Hayek has shared a parenting tip that her aunt told her. She was told to put her children to sleep by singing and cradling them in her arms. Aunt had said this because they will be all grown up one day, and you will not have the chance to experience those beautiful moments again. This is another very thoughtful and humble tip shared by a celebrity for the sake of all other parents in the world. Singing and reading to your children when they are young can create a peaceful mind, and they will collect so many memories of their loving parents inside their hearts. What could be more beautiful than that?

#8. Gail Simmons – Let them explore themselves.

Source: gailsimmonseats

Gail Simmons is a celebrity judge in Top Chef who has passed a great parenting tip shared by her mother to all the mothers and fathers out there. She says that her mother told her not only to trust her instincts while parenting. Her mother has advised her to rely on her kids, let them take up on challenges, and grow to be self-confident and independent adults. She says that it is pretty hard to keep it that way, but she is trying and would recommend other parents to try it because it will be beneficial for the kids when they grow up.

#9. Heidi Klum – Children should be left to be messy.

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Parents can be furious over the mess children make. But Heidi Klum thinks it’s a great idea to let them be messy since they are just small children. She doesn’t care if they get food all over their hands or even if they wipe their hands on their clothes because she knows her kids will not keep it in mind. Heidi claims that her house is not a museum and that you can see that children live there because nothing is in their original places. Her advice can be controversial for some people, but when we look deep into it, we can see that she has put much thought into what she has said. Children are just developing human beings who do not know how to differentiate between right and wrong. They will learn everything eventually, but tolerating some mistakes can help the kids be independent.

#10. Elizabeth Banks – Ask for help.

Source: Sam Sharma, PacificCoastNews/EAST NEWS

Parenthood can be different for each parent because they have to manage many other things while taking care of a child. Especially if you are a first-time parent, you will feel that it is very exhausting, but you might not be ready to ask for help. But according to Elizabeth Banks, asking for help without being ashamed is an excellent decision to make. Ask for help from others and be open to accepting any help and advice. This could help you have a relaxed mind and be proud of yourself as a parent.

So there you go, guys! Some excellent tips from our celebrity parents will help you throw your parenting journey. These tips are surprisingly down-to-Earth and humbly shared with all other parents around the world in the most attractive manner so that parenting that is considered challenging can become somewhat uncomplicated and productive. Don’t forget to use these tips and tricks to build a good relationship with your kids.



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