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“11 Years Old Ukrainian Boy Travel Six Hundred Miles on His Own for Life” Real Life Story of Hassan

Life does not equal everyone; Politicians make decisions while staying in cool rooms, and innocents pay for it with their lives. We heard a heart touching story about a little child who had travelled far away from his loved one and his mother’s land because of the war in Ukraine. Here we have brought the incident in story type. For sure, you will end it with tears.

Son, with whom you came here? ‘The train attendant asked the cute boy. ‘Alone’ the boy answered in a single word. The way he came from is not a simple far for an eleven-year-old boy, and it is a journey that amazed the whole world.

Image credits: The Daily Mail

‘Where are you from?’ The employee asked again. ‘From Zaparosia,’ replied the boy. ‘What! Is that a city six hundred miles away?! ‘ The train attendant asked in surprise. ‘Yes. This is my passport. ‘The boy opened the passport from the rucksack on his back.

Hassan with train attendant on station, the passport is on his hand

Image credits: Ministerstvo vnútra SR

Volunteers at the Slovakian border provided the boy with food

Image credits: Ministerstvo vnútra SR
Image credits: The Daily Mail

‘My father left us a long time ago, and my mother and my grandmother were there with me. ‘Grandma can’t get out of bed. she can’t walk. So, my mother can’t leave her, ‘said the boy with tears in his eyes. 

Is there any way to contact your mother? ‘ An employee asked. Hassan raised his hand from his coat and pointed to the numbers written on his hand.

Image credits: Ministerstvo vnútra SR

The police contacted his mother through a video call. It is Julia. She told the story with tears in her eyes. ‘Our village has the largest nuclear power plant in Ukraine. The Russians are currently firing shells on it. If it explodes, it will be a big disaster than Chernobyl. We all may die. My mother is sick. She cannot walk. So, I cannot even lift her. But Hassan …. Hassan cannot be allowed to pay with his young life. I am a mother. I could not let my son die. So I sent him by train alone. My son is a hero. I was confident he would live somehow. My son is now in your hands. I am forever indebted to you,” she cried.

I’m so grateful that you saved my child “Julia”

Image credits: The Daily Mail

‘Everyone who heard her story burst into tears. She has to decide between the love of a mother and a daughter’s love. She could have left her mother alone and fled with her son, but Julia did not want to leave her mother. She made the boldest decision to save his son’s life. Just think, that mother is still sending the little boy like a six or four incomprehensible flower alone on a train for thousands of kilometres in the middle of the war! Even though he was small, he kept his mother’s courage. He travelled hundreds of kilometres, in many days and came to neighbouring Slovakia!!

Julia is still alive at the time of writing. Hasan handed over to a relative. I do not know how long Julia and her sick mother will live. People who decide to fight do not suffer the consequences of war. But Innocents like Julia and Hassan do.

Hassan’s story has touched people’s hearts worldwide, and they are sending their love and prayers to him and to all who suffered from war.

At the same time, they commend him and his mother for their bravery in these difficult times.

“Stay brave and safe”: A message for everyone affected by the war.



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