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The orphan little bear cub enjoys having her paws tickled.

Would you like to tickle a bear’s paws? You must believe I’ve lost my mind. Casey Anderson, a TV host for National Geographic, biologist, videographer, and founder of Montana Grizzly Encounters captured this once-in-a-lifetime encounter.


Source: Casey Anderson

Bella, a bear cub, was discovered alone in the Alaskan wilderness. She had become away from her mother and required rescue. Anderson wanted to provide her with shelter after losing her mother; he made that choice in the sanctuary he had established.


Source: Casey Anderson

He began caring for Bella as a child. Anderson and the bear cubs developed a close bond. Obviously, the bear cub had developed a deep and abiding affection for the heroic guy who had rescued her life.


Source: Casey Anderson

Without hesitation, he places his hand inside its mouth. Bella appears to like having her feet tickled. Andersen addresses her as his child.


Source: Casey Anderson



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