16  Horrifying Vintage Photographs Proof That Halloween Used to Be Much Scarier


People have engaged in Halloween with considerable enthusiasm throughout antiquity. When we see vintage photographs, we realize that this requires much effort and time. Therefore, the day must have been exceptionally gorgeous.

sIndeed, is this an event designed to frighten people? This will become clear when you view the historical photographs included below. Zelus365 picked the following sequence of pictures for you.

#1. Germany, 1938


Source: Ullstein Bild Dtl. / Getty Images

#2. Circa 1925

Three ghosts for trick-or-treating

Source: Kirn Vintage Stock / Getty Images

#3. Chicago, 1954

Three masked youngsters with a jack-o-lantern

Source: Bettmann / Bettmann Archive

#4. France, circa 1920

Cat man

Source: Adoc-photos / Getty Images

#5. Circa 1905

A ghost stands by a Halloween altar

Source: Historic Photo Archive / Getty Images

#6. Respectively, in 1894

The Gingerbread Witch and Hansel

Source: Imagno / Getty Images

#7. In Germany, 1928

Scary devil

Source: Ullstein Bild Dtl. / Getty Images

#8. Netherlands, 1911

We are best friends for life

#8. Netherlands, 1911

#9. London in the 1950s

Alien invaders

Source: Hulton Deutsch / Getty Images

#10. Circa 1911

A group of costumed people pose for a portrait

Source: Public Domain

#11. Circa 1900

A grotesque puppet

Source: Ullstein Bild / Getty Images

#12. In 1923

We are ready to go for Halloween

Source: George Rinhart / Getty Images

#13. College Hill neighborhood of Cincinnati, 1929

How are you?

Source: Cincinnati Museum Center / Getty Images

#14.Circa 1920

Look like dangerous

Source: Public Domain

#15. In 1938

Three ghosts in a car

Source: Ullstein Bild Dtl. / Getty Images

#16. Germany, 1939

Witches casting spells over a cauldron

Source: Ullstein Bild / Getty Images


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