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17 Parents Are Sharing What Real Parenting Looks Like

Being a parent is not always an easy and smooth task. It is hard work that requires a lot of energy, patience and commitment. And while it can be one of life’s most rewarding experiences, it can also be exhausting. Lack of sleep, cancelled plans, and messy homes are common symptoms of being a parent.

Amanda creat a thread on Twitter in this regard, and it revealed the real-life experience of herself and some others.


Amanda remembers to relate her story. Having kids isn’t a problem for her. But she wants to show the world how a home with kids really is.

Let’s see. How the parents will respond. Remember to watch until the end.


Putting things in the right place isn’t fun for kids. That’s how kids are. Mr Kerry has an issue. But as a dad, he is not angry about this.



When there is no one around, kids tend to turn the house in to upside down. Anyway she is not angry. Real love from a mother.



When parents have tiny children, they rarely have time to change their clothes. See what happened to this mom. The fatigued expression on the face. She doesn’t have time to tidy the house.



Kids love to draw on the walls with chalk. Onece they found a chalk, Pen or Marker they used to show their drawing skill all over the house. However, it is not a big deal for Vanessa. 5 minutes of silence was a welcome relief for her. What a mother acquires!



Children are good at repeating the same thing over and over again. However,  Adriana is not angry with it.



Everything is here at the coffee table. Even it takes hours to arrange them perfect. Kids can make it mess within few seconds.



Examine this mom’s issue more carefully. This isn’t something she’s angry about.



How’s the space looking? How much time will you need to resolve this?



Parents have a hard time when their kids come home after playing outside.



You clean the house early in the morning before your kids get up, but five seconds later it’s dirtier than you expected. How to explain?! No way.



See if you’ve had this experience with you. It is hard to manage the works around us.




Due to the busy schedule of the children, many mistakes are made by the parents. But it’s in parents’ nature not to regret anything. This is made very evident by reading the statements in the images below. That is why parenting is so great.










Kids used to built their dream house with blankets.


It’s fantastic that so many parents felt utterly comfortable sharing images of their children’s messes. But there’s one thing these photographs have in common: they’re packed with love and affection. 

If you have had this experience, too, write down your thoughts below.



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