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20 Celebrities in Their Gender Opposite Looks

Can you imagine how it would be, If your favorite celebrity transformed into the opposite gender? Just think of Elvis Presley, Johnny Depp, or Barack Obama? You will be pleasantly delighted.
Modern AI technology has advanced to the point that humans may be converted from their current gender to the opposing gender. Now is the moment to shape your image to resemble that of the opposing gender.
A number of world-famous figures have been technically manipulated to be of the opposite sex.

Today, Zelus365 brings you some funny but interesting pictures of celebs swapped to their opposite gender.

#1. Johnny Depp

Source: Greek.brasil

#2. Bruno Mars

Source: Greek.brasil

#3. Elvis Presley

His eye, brow, nose, and lips are all designed to resemble opposite sexes, which is really amazing. How cool is it to hear Presley’s songs from this woman?

Source: Greek.brasil

#4. Snoop Dogg

Source: Greek.brasil

#5. Lady Gaga

Source: Greek.brasil

#6. Selena Gomez

Who would resemble if you shaved the beard of the individual on the right?

Sources: FaceToFace/REPORTER/East News, © FaceApp

#7. Brad Pitt

Sources: ROBYN BECK/AFP/East News, © FaceApp

#8. Julia Roberts

Sources: JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX/AFP/East News, © FaceApp

#9. Sylvester Stallone

Sources: MICHAEL TRAN/AFP/East News, © FaceApp

#10. Ed Sheeran

Like a little pretty girl

Source: Greek.brasil

#11. Dwayne Johnson

Source: anonslayed

#12. Barack Obama

Would you vote for the woman on the right?

Source: anonslayed

#13. Kim Jong-Un

Source: anonslayed

#14. Donald Trump

Source: anonslayed

#15. Jennifer Lopez

Source: Boredpanda

#16. Robert Pattinson

Source: Mary Evans/Allstar/Graham Whitby Boot/East News, © FaceApp

#17. David Beckham

Source: Greek.brasil

#18. Christiano Ronaldo

Source: Greek.brasil

#19. Sam Smith

Very lovely girl

Source: Greek.brasil

#20. Beyoncé

Source: Greek.brasil

How would you feel when you see above photos?



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