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20 Hilarious kitchen Fails That Will Make You better home cook

Every home’s heart is the kitchen. This room has a special place in your hearts since it brings back memories of homemade cookies, meals cooked together with your partner, and family breakfasts and dinners.

The kitchen is not suitable for everyone because it is not nearly as easy as it looks.  Some are excellent at cooking, and others are not so great. I think professionals should operate the kitchen, but the truth is, anyone can try out their cooking skills. Most attempts end up with a success story, but sometimes things go entirely wrong. 

Even cave dwellers and barbarians were able to cook things well. It’s true that even with the aid of contemporary technology, we occasionally have had terrible cooking experiences. So the kitchen is also a great area to have tremendous fun. 

 Here are the 20 funniest and hilarious extreme kitchen fails that will make you giggle. On the other hand, kitchen fails are not only for laughing but also for understanding how to develop their cooking skills.

There is a good chance that if you’re distracted or rushing around like a headless chicken, you’ll make tons of mistakes. Sometimes it will end up with disasters. 

01. Pressure cooker disaster

Photo credit: original owner

This lady may be prepared a well-executed plan to buy a new stove. But this kind of thing happens when the safety features are failed. Choose wisely.

The second  example will show you how to be careful

02.This is how wine is made.

Every single person has to identify their skill.  On the contrary, there are some abilities that we are not designed to master.

Photo credit: the original owner

It is good to know the art of making wine; otherwise, it will be a joke. Definitely, your wife will blame you. 

See the third picture…

03. Baking metal.

Photo credit: Original owner

Metal is not an edible thing. You have to be very careful when putting metal in the microwave oven. 

The Following  picture shows even simple mistakes can cause disaster

04.First experience of making french fries

Photo credit: Original owner

The end result of her experience was hazardous but funny.  

Can you eat cake foam?

05.Strange Coffee Cake mug

Photo credit: Original owner

Oops, The delicious coffee cake became foam because of a careless mistake. Is the microwave mug recipe correct?

06.The cutting skill

22 Kitchen Fails That Are Hilarious and Terrifying at the Same Time

Photo credit: Original owner

What happened to this cutting dish? Do you believe this? Yep, she had made several attempts to cut hard dried fish, but the result was the dish. 

07.This is not the right way to boil and cook spaghetti.

Funny Kitchen Fails

Photo credit: Original owner

Oops, the dinner was ruined due to an unknown reason. Although cooking spaghetti is not a difficult task, this lady was failed. Most probably, she turned on the wrong hob.

08.Plastic boards simply can’t be used to cook things up

Photo credit: Original owner

09.Pouring down of pizza

Photo credit: Original owner

Some home cooks forget to follow the successful recipe or correctly determine the cooking methods. However, They ended up with hilarious results. Here are some terrible mishaps that qualify as some of the funniest cooking fails.

See, how they drink soup?

10.“Pour a soup through a Strainer after a cooking,” the recipe says.

Hilarious Kitchen Fails Funny Cooking Disaster Soup

Photo credit: Original owner

The home cook missed the memo…

See the following . Who can eat metal like Corn?

11.Grilled Corn for more hours

Photo credit: Original owner

Who likes to eat over boiling eggs? Do you? Definitely nope.

12.When you forget to set the timer for boiling eggs, the eggs won’t be done in time.

Photo credit: Original owner

13.Lob, Do not use a Plastic Cutting Board For A Pizza Pan

Photo credit: Original owner

14.The Frozen Dumplings Fail.

Funny Kitchen Fails

Instagram via @sarasaurus_13

This home cook has only cooked one Side of the dumplings, leaving the other uncooked. However, it was ended up with an unfortunate meal. 

15.Uh, hub! Over roasting of chicken

Hilarious Kitchen Fails

Instagram via @liljrny

16.Ugh!!! An unsuccessful attempt at creating festive holiday bread.

Funny Kitchen Fails

Photo credit: Original owner

This lady tried to make a Nutella pull-apart Christmas tree for dessert, but she had ended up with brownie mix.

17.The horrifying Sponge Bob Cake

Funny Kitchen Fails

Instagram via @tam.jade_ Facebook via Danielle Larkin

Yep, This mum decided to prepare a Sponge Bob cake for her child, but she had a ridiculous cartoon character.

18.Buns like creepy

Hilarious Kitchen Fails Funny Cooking Disaster bread fail

Photo credit: Original owner

Some people are extremely busy.  So, they might start doing one thing and end up completely forgetting about the other. It turned cooking into a short horror story because forgetting is not good every time.

19.How funny! The spoon Is inside the cake.

Photo credit: Original owner

20.Lol! Where the  spectacle?

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