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25 Most Beautiful Mysterious Places to Travel in the World

What is the most beautiful place, the breathtaking destination you have ever visited? No doubt you may have a huge list. There are thousands and thousands of excellent locations around the globe. I hope that your travel bucket list may be full of relaxing beaches, sanctuaries, fabulous cities, and many more. Have you ever thought, why do people travel? 

Human nature is always curious about everything. We all love to explore & experience mysterious things, places around the world. Anyway, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough to explore them all.

It is a fantastic feeling to wonder with magical mother nature. Here we collect the weirdest & most beautiful places around the world, and they will take your wanderlust to a new level. Scroll down to find the hidden treasures of mother nature.

#01 Spotted Lake, British Columbia, Canada

#02 The Giant’s Causeway, Northern Ireland

#03 Pamuk kale, Turkey

#04 Lake Hillier, Western Australia

#05 Badab-e Surt, Iran

#06 The Tianzi mountains, China

#07 The Nasca Lines, Peru

#08 Thor’s Well, Oregon, USA

#09 Socotra Island, Yemen

#10 The Hand in the Desert, Chile

#11 Chocolate Hills of Bohol Island

#12 Plain of Jars, Laos

#13 Goblin Valley State Park, Utah, USA

#14 Ruby Falls, Tennessee, the USA

#15 Glass Beach, California

#16 The Catacombs, Paris, France

#17 Fly Geyser, Nevada, USA

#18 Dead Vlei, Namibia

#19 Caño Cristales, Colombia

#20 The Wave, Arizona, the US

#21 Mendenhall Ice Caves, Alaska

#22 Eternal Flame Falls, New York, the US

#23 Die Rakotzbrück bridge, Gablenz, Germany

#24 Vinicunca Rainbow Mountain, Peru

#25 Great Blue Hole, Belize



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