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29 Famous Horror Movie Character Faces for Scary Halloween Eve

Meet Anahy Nunez a makeup artist from Las Cruces, New Mexico. She is self-taught face and body painter and owner of Atom Bomb Studio Body Art and Gallery. The human body is her canvas. She transformed herself into her favorite horror movie character using the magic of makeup. She loves getting lost in makeup, from glam to horror looks. Her favorite looks are always horror-related, and it gives her awesome spooky hell feels for Halloween.

If you want to be creepy, scary and covered with fake blood, or completely cutesy for this Halloween, here you have got all the inspiration for Halloween transformation you need from Anahy Nunez.

Zelus365 hope you will have fun Halloween filled with magical surprises! Be scary and have fun!

#1. Pennywise

Scary Halloween

#2. Bride of Frankenstein

#3. Freddy Kruger (No Prosthetics)

#4. Morticia Adams

#5. Babadook

#6. Michael Myers

Scary Halloween

#7. Eric Draven

#8. Beetlejuice

#9. Wednesday Adams

Scary Halloween

#10. Joker

Scary Halloween

#11. Valak

Scary Halloween

#12. Chucky

Scary Halloween

#13. Jason Voorhees

Scary Halloween

#14. Billy

Scary Halloween

#15. Sally

#16. Hannibal Lecter

Scary Halloween

#17. Annabelle

Scary Halloween

#18. La Llorona

Scary Halloween

#19. The Joker

Scary Halloween

#20. Samara

Scary Halloween

#21. Pennywise

#22. Regan Macneil

#23. Watchmen

#24. The Angry Princess

#25. Harley/Joker Mash Up

#26. Alex

Scary Halloween

#27. Mara Chaffee

Scary Halloween

#28. Leather-Face

Scary Halloween

#29. The Purge

These Scary Halloween makeups will certainly give some amazing ideas for this season. You can even increase fear factor by adding more related costumes too.



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