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A 5-year-old Girl writes to heaven and she got a reply

“Cuddling with your pet is never wasted” they say. Cats as pets are adorable creatures who can heal your mind when in need. There is a lasting bond with the cats and human beings that dates to the long way in the history. There are written records that even ancient Egyptians worshiped cats. However, this story is not about worshipping cats but a story between a 5-year-old little girl and her deceased cat.

Credits: Caters News Agency

When Tin Tin – 5-year-old Nevaeh Lowe’s cat passed away the girl was devastated. She lives with her family in Walton-UK. The duo had an eternal bond with full of love. Sometimes Tin Tin was mischief but well tamed by Neveah to behave well. Tamara, mother of Neveah told us that the girl and cat shared a close relationship, and they were really happy when they were together.

Despite all the care to their beloved pet, Tin Tin passed away due to a heart failure leaving Neveah’s heart broken. She was in a great sorrow, and it seems that it was very hard for little girl to make-up her mind. She was trying her best to cope up with the grief and adjust to life without her beloved pet.

During her grieving she discovered that there is a way for her to communicate with her adored cat -that is by sending a letter to heaven- so that she can look after Tin Tin’s well-being. Neveah decided to write a letter to the heaven and let Tin Tin know that she is not forgotten.

Credits: Caters News Agency

She Wrote, “I miss you so much, you are the best cat ever, I love you and I will never forget you,”. Also included a photo of them together for Tin Tin to keep. “I have a photo of you and now you have one too, love, Nevaeh.”

Then she went to the town with her mother and dropped the letter in a postbox owned by Royal Mail in Walton.

Credits: Caters News Agency

Although Neveah was expecting a reply for her letter, Tamara, the mother of 5-year-old never expected a response for her daughter’s letter addressed to the heaven. However, the whole family was stunned after a week as they received a parcel with a letter from “heaven”.

The letter reads, “I want you to know that I’m OK and have made some nice friends here, one of them called Tibbles snores so loud when we have cat naps. I’m being fed and looked after well by the angels. I know you are sad that I’m not there with you but please don’t be. In here is a little cuddle cat that I thought looks a little like me. So if you do feel sad you can cuddle him like how we used to. If you need me, just look for the brightest star in the sky at night and I’ll be there to listen. Forever your best friend, Tin Tin.”

Credits: Caters News Agency

The miracle happened when the postman found this letter and decided to reply to Neveah to console her little mind in grief. The whole story left me in tears, and I hope our world would be a great one if we have more people like this unnamed postman. We salute him for his kindhearted act.

Credits: Caters News Agency


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