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A cat Befriends A Lynx After Sneaking Into The Zoo

You might be interested in hearing the story of the fortunate kitten to enter the Russian St. Petersburg Zoo.

It’s a touching story about a kitten who strayed at night and found refuge in Russia’s world-famous St. Petersburg Zoo. She chose to jump into the cage where the lynx was after thoroughly inspecting the surroundings of the new shelter.


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Lynx is a medium-sized cat, roughly twice as large as a domestic cat. Typically solitary, the lynx hunts at night to avoid being spotted.

 Unlike many other animals, this fearless kitten is not afraid of going into a strange environment. Her main objective was to steal food scraps. She received much more, which is fortunate for her.


Unexpectedly, the stray kitten captured the attention of the lynx known as Linda. In recognition, Linda, as she was known, licked her first. Linda Lynx and her new feline friend quickly developed a bond.


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Of course, these creatures are amicable. For the zoo caretakers, it was a novel experience. They had never seen anything like this in the years they had been watching! They take Linda out of the cage for the cat’s protection, but this separation does not last long.


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But the stray kitten got inside Linda Lynx’s cage for the second time. It astonished the zookeepers once more! Finally, everyone agreed that this pair was inseparable!


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Zookeepers had no choice but to let the kitten live with Linda. They decided to name the unusual cat Dusya. Now Dusya and Linda lived together happily and managed to attract many fans!


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 Keepers at the zoo had no choice but to allow Linda to keep the kitten. The odd cat was given the name Dusya. Dusya and Linda finally found happiness together and began to gain a significant following.


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