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A Country Plans to Reduce Carbon Emission by 100% EVs

The carbon emission become one of the biggest problem all around the world. Most of the countries struggling with the side effects of it. While some cities like Delhi, India and Beijing, China recently reporting red alerts on gray smog, One of the leading oil manufacturer has taken commendable steps toward reducing carbon emission and become green.

Today Zelus365 brought an interesting story about a country where the entire population is working to transition to electric vehicles? I believe you must be aware of this country’s developing environmental friendliness by providing particular facilities to electric car drivers.

Norway – A country that is often read as eco-friendly when the name is heard.

In 2021, the percentage of individuals who utilized electric vehicles was 65 percent, and by 2022, the figure had risen to 80 percent. They want to employ only electric vehicles (EVs) by 2025, as consumers can choose from various vehicle models based on their preferences and needs.

Source: wallbox.com

How did Norway become the world’s best-selling EV market?

I believe it is essential to find the answer to this question. The first reason is that Norwegians recognize the significance of a more environmentally responsible lifestyle. In addition, the government’s cooperative campaign to popularize electric vehicles also played a role.

Source: NasDaily/youtube

Why does Norway want to be green?

Source: hsph.harvard.edu

As the majority of Norwegians use automobiles, fuel is required. 4600 Kg of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere annually from one vehicle as a result of the combustion of this fuel. So, you can imagine how much Carbon Dioxide is released into the air in a year.

Source: ccacoalition.org

Heart disease, lung cancer, and respiratory disorders such as emphysema are some of the long-term health effects of air pollution.

Source: teachengineering.org

Long-term exposure to air pollution can also harm people’s nervous systems, brains, kidneys, livers, lungs, and other internal organs. Some scientists believe that air pollution causes congenital disabilities as well.

Source: NasDaily/ Youtube

Norwegians are making many efforts to build a green country for these reasons.

The Norwegian’s giant steps taken – solution EV

Faster and stronger policies were developed to promote the use of EVs instead of cars with internal combustion engines. Indeed, the benefits offered to people were so attractive that the use of EVs became prevalent during this time.

Source: NasDaily/ Youtube

The Norwegian government strongly encourages citizens to purchase electric vehicles. An electric vehicle user provides free parking as well as access to the HOV lane with reduced traffic. EV owners have several benefits, including no registration fees, tolls when entering or leaving their residence, and no VAT on leasing vehicles. Since there is no sales tax, EV prices have decreased. Because of these changes, people are more likely to buy electric cars. 

Source: NasDaily/ Youtube

The Norwegian government has built world-class charging infrastructure in all cities to allow free charging.

Source: greencarreports.com

Garages are designed exclusively for EV parking, and each space is equipped with a charger. Many individuals who travel to Oslo in the morning can park and charge their vehicles there, then return home in the afternoon.

Source: greencarreports.com

Tesla Evs are in high demand in Norway and can be found everywhere.

Source: NasDaily/ Youtube

There is a great demand for Tesla vehicles due to the high level of facilities, the ability to reach a high speed of 100 kilometers per hour in a few seconds, and the availability of heating facilities in the winter.

Tesla electric taxi

Source: electrek.co

Tesla electric ambulance

Source: electrek.co

Tesla electric truck

Source: reuters.com

Tesla electric van

Source: cnet.com

I’m curious why other countries are moving slowly on EVs while the Norwegian government possesses the requisite technology. Other countries have also brought the time to kill the petrol and diesel vehicle market.

It’s still a bit more expensive, so we need politicians to make it competitive. That’s not much difficult when we think about how quickly we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. When you buy an EV, you realize it is great and feel your city is cleaner and more peaceful. We should stop selling cars that cannot run on renewable fuels.

We still need lawmakers to make it more competitive because it’s still a little pricey. Considering how soon we need to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is not a difficult task. When you buy an electric vehicle (EV), you realize how great it is and feel like your city is cleaner and quieter. We should discontinue the sale of automobiles that cannot operate on alternative fuels.



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