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A Couple Who Kept A Promise Till Their Last Breath Of 100 Years

Would you be interested in learning about a charming couple who celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary in June, lived for 100 years, and passed away in November and December of last year?


Source: Malicote family

Throughout their lives, Francis “June” and William “Hubert” Malicote did everything together. Last year in July, they turned 100, and in June, they celebrated their 79th wedding anniversary. Hubert passed away on November 30, and on December 1, June followed him in death 20 hours later. The fact that this couple died within a day of each other after being together for 79 years shows how much they loved each other and didn’t want to be apart.


Source: Malicote family

“The two of them had a strong emotional and mental bond.” Jo Malicotte, the middle child and daughter of June and Hubert, declared.

June’s heart was found to have a thin mitral valve. Doctors predicted that it will be healed by the end of the year. Then she suffered a severe urinary tract infection. June’s health deteriorated over time. She developed severe gastrointestinal difficulties and had to be transferred to hospice by ambulance.


Source: Malicote family

Joe also stated that she saw her father crying the day after her mother was brought to hospice. “Daddy, I’m scared of mom,” Joe said. Within hours after this conversation, the chatty, voracious eater Herbart had become aloof, silent, and had lost his appetite.
Joe observed that her father was becoming increasingly confused. The next day, both Joe and Hubert went to see June after she settled into her hospice room.


Source: Malicote family

“I saw he was sitting in his chair, clutching my mother’s hand and attempting to talk to her, but she was sound asleep,” Jo explained
Soon after that Hubert’s health began to rapidly decline, and within a week he was bedridden and in need of hospice care.


Source: Malicote family

“My father was in excellent health. However, his health began to deteriorate within a few days. I discovered that he did not want to leave my mother. I knew he wouldn’t return without her.” Joe expressed his regret.
Hubert died on November 30 at 9:30 p.m., while clutching the hand of his beloved wife. June, who was unwell, died 20 hours later, at 5:30 p.m.

Hubert was born on July 23, 1922, and June on July 13, 1922. The birthdays were even 10 days apart.


Source: Malicote family

On June 8, 1943, the couple wedded and became the longest-married couple in Ohio in the previous year.


Source: Malicote family

They were the parents of three children, seven grandchildren, and eleven great-grandchildren.


Source: Malicote family https://www.fox10phoenix.com/news/ohio-couple-celebrates-100th-birthdays-79-years-of-marriage-been-a-good-life

On December 8th, the couple was put to rest next to one another.

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