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A Couple Who Kept Their Promises Till the Last Minute of Life

She passed away just 18 hours after her wedding. Breast cancer has spread to the final stages of her life. Is it possible that her groom was unaware of this? No, not at all. He married her, knowing she was going to die. Of course, this is an incredible occasion. Could it be done? Many bizarre events can take place throughout the world. This is a beautiful but heartbreaking love story. 


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Who are these true lovers?

Heather Lindsay is her name. David Mosher, he won her heart. They probably never thought that their love story would become immortal.


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How did this romantic relationship begin?

They first met in May 2015 when they attended a swing dance class. At first glance, this appeared to be a routine encounter. However, they both realized that they were attracted to each other after a while. Sure, they were in love. ” Heather is a lovely girl who usually smiles. Her friendliness and openness impressed me.” His eyes glowed.


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The perfect couple

They realized they were a good match after spending a few days together. Their parents and friends also supported the relationship because the two complemented each other well.


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Fate cannot be changed

They made arrangements to spend their next time together at the same residence. But suddenly, in December 2016, when Heather got sick, things changed. ” Heather was in bad shape. I suggested that she see a doctor,”  He expressed his heartfelt regret. They never imagined that consulting a physician would change their future.

#5. Inside St. Francis Hospital in Hartford

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Aggressive breast cancer changed her life

The physician explained Heather had an aggressive form of breast cancer and had a 50% chance of surviving. Heather felt as if the entire world had vanished, but David didn’t panic. He suggested she be treated to get better. As a result, she felt some relief after being referred for chemotherapy treatment.

The wedding was scheduled for December 30, 2016, and David was preparing for the wedding. Heather also wanted him to be a good companion. 

The young man made everything very romantic way. He arranged for a lovely horse-drawn carriage, making the girl feel like a princess. 

But after the second test, everything changed. The doctor discovered that cancer had spread to the brain and lungs after doing an examination. “I was heartbroken. I’m not sure how I can trust this. I’m well aware that Heather will inevitably die. I made a tough decision to marry Heather before she died.” He declared.

#6. Heather with her mother

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Why did he decide to rush the marriage?

After hearing my decision, the doctor suggested that the wedding date be shifted to December 23. The majority of people avoid such situations, but David would never do such a thing.

“She was well aware that she was going to die. She pleaded with me to forget about her and find someone else to marry, but I never wanted to change my decision.” He stated. David simply squeezed her hand tightly and declared that he would marry her on December 23. 

#7. David simply squeezed her hand

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#8. Celebrating a birthday

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Wedding ceremony

The whole family understood this situation and got ready for the wedding ceremony. Heather’s family made a beautiful wedding dress and wig for her. Heather had already lost all of her hair due to chemotherapy, and her friends did her makeup.


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Everyone agreed that the wedding should occur in the hostas chapel, next to the hospital. Family members and hospital personnel attended the wedding

Everyone decided to have the wedding in the hostas chapel next to the hospital. Family members and hospital personnel attended the wedding. She was stunningly dressed as a bride. All wedding arrangements were made from the sickbed.

When David placed the wedding ring on her, everyone’s eyes welled up with tears. Despite her difficulty breathing, she raised both her hands and expressed happiness. Everyone was smiling and laughing at the previous weddings, but everyone was emotional and crying at this wedding.


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Death was written all on everyone’s faces. Heather and David exchanged wedding vows, promising to love and cherish each other until the end do them part. Heather clenched his hand and glanced at him. She might recall how she met David, had fun, and fell in love. “I’m not afraid to die. He truly loved me. That’s the best a lady can hope for.” Her eyes spoke volumes.


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Her tears were eventually swept away with affection. Can a lover bear such kind of grief?


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For the last time, they kissed passionately because he would never see her again. 


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The priest performed his duties with tears in his eyes. At the moment, the room was a deathly silence.


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David was alone with his beloved about 18 hours after all guests and friends had left. Unfortunately, there was no way to change fate. Heather was gone after 18 hours of her marriage. Cancer would force the couple to say goodbye. She had been a happy wife for precisely 18 hours because David had not left her alone. Heather died with a smile on her face. 

The couple showed that true love still exists. True love never dies. David was a faithful man, and he stood by the women he loved. It’s great that she married the man of her dreams before she died. David gave her a life she will never forget. David, God bless you and be with you always. You made a woman very happy. Don’t give up on love yet; I’m sure God has plans for you.

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