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A Dog Received Stick Gift on Its Momentum Even After 100 Years of Death

life-size bronze tomb statue of a dog was gone viral on social media in last few weeks. It looks curious since there were some wooden sticks on its feet.

Zelus365 searched about this image and found an amazing story about a loyal friend which died 100 years ago.

Rex, the dog in this statue is laid in Green Wood cemetery, Brooklyn. The loving owner, Jhon Snow also rests in peace next to Rex like how they were live in the past.

Jhon was a food seller at Brooklyn and Rex was his loving dog. The couple was famous among the residence due to the loving bond with each other and for their kindness.

This American Hachico gets some wooden sticks every day as a tribute of its loyalty to its owner. In some instances, the residents in Brooklyn keep wooden sticks on its paw and ask to look after their missing pets till they find them.
Hope Rex is doing its duty from heaven. Rest in peace. We love you for ever



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