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A Dying Mother’s Tragic Wish List for Her Kids

What emotions did a woman with two young daughters experience when she learned she had five brain tumors? Of course, Amara Taft, 42, had to share this unlucky destiny. Her physicians informed her that she had just a year to live.

Zelus365 is sharing her brave and empowering story with you today.

Amara, a Texas native, first spoke with Jack in 2012 on a forum for an online war game, and they immediately fell in love. They wed in 2016 in Texas and migrated to the United Kingdom in 2017. In Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Jack owns an online equestrian company, and they have two lovely girls.

A Dying Mother's Tragic Wish List for Her Kids
Source: Amara Taft

Amara noticed some concerning changes in her health in mid-March. She felt out of control during the workout and suffered from severe headaches. She was sobbing on the floor of the room because she couldn’t go to the children’s nursery.

A Dying Mother's Tragic Wish List for Her Kids
Source: Amara Taft

She was sent to the A&E physicians to determine the cause. After numerous CT scans, they discovered it in swollen lymph nodes within her lungs. She had deadly lung cancer despite never smoking a day in her life.

Six teams of neurosurgeons concluded that her lung cancer was the source of the five brain tumors, the largest of which was 4.5 cm in diameter. She was given a treatment-assisted life expectancy of up to 12 months.

A Dying Mother's Tragic Wish List for Her Kids
Source: Amara Taft

“My entire world seemed to be collapsing around me. Everything we had planned for our children, marriage, and future was taken from us. Suddenly, I realized I might not survive watching my children grow up.” She revealed sadly.

She was too unwell to continue working as a telephone customer care representative for a bank and was forced to resign. Ultimately, she chose to spend her brief life providing for her husband and kids to the best of her ability.

A Dying Mother's Tragic Wish List for Her Kids
Source: Amara Taft

“I just have one hope in life. I want to spend as much time as possible with my daughters. Be the type of mother my children will remember me as after I’m gone. I cannot be a mother they have forgotten.”

Amara is currently attempting to collect $28,000 on GoFundMe to cover her expenses and buy her family a unique present. Her #1 priority on her bucket list is a visit to Disney World in Florida.

She said: “Chloe likes Mona, and Nina adores Toy Story. My main goal is to meet their favorite characters and watch their delighted expressions.”

A Dying Mother's Tragic Wish List for Her Kids

Amara desires for her daughters to bond with the more renowned American families.

She stated, “There is a Mexican restaurant near my parents’ Texas residence. I would want to have a large party and invite the entire family. It may be the final time I see them.

In addition, Amara enjoys traveling to Gran Canaria to spend time with her mother-in-law, Karen.

In her words: “I want to make a trip to the beach with my two daughters. It brings me so much joy to see kids having fun in the water and building sandcastles.”

Celebrations were held in the Cotswold Wildlife Park in Burford, Oxfordshire, thanks to the efforts of her close friends.

A Dying Mother's Tragic Wish List for Her Kids
Source: Amara Taft

Amara, a US citizen, is still in the UK and is paid £99 a week for being unwell. They cannot afford to pay £2400 for indefinite leave. Jack’s company is thriving, but they are struggling without her salary. They hope the fee will be waived.

What would your reaction be if you were told you only had a year to live? But despite the limited time she has left, this brave woman makes every effort to do all of her responsibilities to the best of her abilities.



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