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A Small Idea Emerges on Kid’s Mind Become a Life Changing Action to Lots of K9 Officers

A 9 years old kid, Brady Snakovsky, of Strongsville, Ohio, got an amazing idea while watching his favorite Bobby show.

He noticed that all the handling officers in K9 division wearing pellet evidence vest, but Live PDs have no safety at all. This makes them highly vulnerable. His hart was melted and wanted to do something in this regard.

Brady’s K9 fund

He immediately reaches to his mother and asks some money to buy one bulletproof west. She knew that, they could not afford something like that since the cost is very high.

However, she did need to help her kid. So, she started Brady’s K9 fund at Go fund me page, a nonprofit organization which raised money to get some bulletproof west to K9 officers.

Brady’s K9 fund

You would not believe that a single act of a heart felt kindness has donated 666 west to K9 officers since 2018.

Brady’s K9 fund

Brady says in Go Fund Me “Let’s help those K9, as they help us each day in the society is the least, I can do. One day all K9s provided west, until then I’m here to help those in need of one”

If you wish to donate visit at Brady’s K9 fund.



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