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After An 85-yr-old Man’s Lawnmower Was Stolen, A Stranger Donated Brand New

The world resembles life in that it is full of ups and downs. We encounter good and evil people daily; that is how things are. But sometimes, even amid difficult situations, we find reasons to believe in humanity again.

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Consider the story of Gordon Blakeslee. Gordon, 85, had a routine he enjoyed: Mowing the grass on his front lawn with his red 2009 Craftsman riding lawn mower. But he couldn’t take his beloved mower when COVID struck, and he had to move in with his children. When he returned to his house, he found it had been stolen.

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This was a tremendous blow for Gordon. His lawnmower represented his independence and capacity to care for his land; it was more than just a piece of machinery. He was heartbroken to think that someone had taken it from him.

But instead of being sad, Gordon took decisive action. He made a cardboard sign and placed it on his front lawn, explaining that he was too elderly to operate a push mower and pleading with whoever had stolen it to return it to him. His deep feelings for his beloved mower moved those who viewed the placard.

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And then an amazing thing happened. The Stanger heard about Gordon’s trouble and decided to help. He surprised him with a brand-new, red Craftsman riding mower. The Broome County Sheriff’s Office received and secretly delivered it to Gordon. Gorden was shocked about his generosity.

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Gordon was overwhelmed with gratitude. He couldn’t believe that someone had helped him so much without being asked. And when he saw the new mower, with all of its sophisticated modifications, he realized it was an upgrade from his previous one.

Credit goes to YouTube

With tears, Gordon hopped onto the new mower and started cutting his grass again. That was more than a task for him; it reminded him that decent individuals are eager to help others even in difficult times.



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