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Amazing, Human-Unseen “Virgin” Pool Found In New Mexico Cavern

Some of the things that man discovers by accident surprise us incredibly. An ancient pool, unseen by human eyes, has been uncovered 700 feet below Carlsbad Caverns National Park in New Mexico, inside the “Kanya” cave.



The pool is surrounded by white frosted rock, and the pool itself is filled with a milky aquamarine liquid similar to thick lime yoghurt.



The borders under the pool resemble ‘pool fingers,’ according to Max Wisshak, a cave photographer and researcher at Germany’s Department of Marine Research. “They could be bacterial colonies that developed totally independently of humans influence.”



Regional Chief of Natural and Cultural Resources at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, Rodney Horrocks, stated, “This pool has been secluded for hundreds of millions of years, and I doubt it had ever seen the light until that day.”



Max Wisshak stated, “In this pool, Water is absolutely free of contaminants; thus, the only microorganisms that may survive there are those that are native to the water.” Several novel microbial species have been identified here, which have the potential to yield outstanding outcomes. Experts believe the old rainfall seeped through the limestone, trickled along the cave walls, and filled the pond.



It is impossible to pinpoint when this cave network was developed. Numerous bat bones estimated to be thousands of years old have been discovered.



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