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Dubai Is Going to Bring the Moon to Earth

Canadian architectural company is going to build a property called Moon Dubai that will bring novel experience to the tourist worldwide. The whopping $5 billion project is estimated to complete in 4 years from now in Dubai with the aim of developing the tourism and entertainment sectors.

The moon shaped structure will be about 224m height, and the actual lunar surface is depicted. Interestingly, there is designated area called “lunar colony” to offer visitors an actual moonlike experience. Simply, the visitors will be able to do the “moon walk” being on earth. The project expected to be kickstarted soon with the blessings of UAE government.

The moon resort also will include a training facility for space agencies to train their astronauts. The state-of-the-art amenities to be included in the resort in addition to the 300 private residential units.

Guests who visit the Moon Dubai will be offered with various luxurious amenities such as the spa and wellness section, a nightclub, event center, a global meeting place, lounge and in-house “a moon shuttle,” of which details are yet to be revealed.

The authorities are aiming at recreating the glory of UAE tourism when they launched Burj Khalifa – the highest building on earth – project through the Moon Dubai.

Enjoy some of the pictures released to he media on the project and how the final out of the world structure looks like.

The Architectural Design of the Suit

Source: CNN

The shuttle station

Source: CNN

Green space

Source: CNN

Entertaining areas

Source: CNN

Structural plan

Source: yankodesign.com


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