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For What Do Bear Cubs Hold Hands & Waiting?

Have you ever thought why people love to get wiled life photos? Yes, it is not an easy. In most cases it is a ferocious and hard task. But the inspiration of unbelievable tender sights and experiences make it in vitiable. If the photographer were at the right place at right time with a camara, could make an eternal memory.

Lewis Kemper, a wild life photographer in California, was lucky enough to capture a life time memory on his photography tour around Lake Clark. He spoke about the incident as follows,

“I was leading a photography tour around Lake Clark in Alaska, earlier this month, when I spotted a female and her two cubs waiting for her to come back with something to eat. I was standing about 20 feet away from the two cubs – bears in the area are used to human presence and do not mind us.”

Source: Lewis Kemper

Even though the cubs look forward impatiently, their mother had not able to hunt a single fish. As per Lewis, in most of the times bears takes plants and of course a lot of grass, since they are poor at hunting fish.

Source: Lewis Kemper

Yes, it is really sad the poor cubs were not getting what they waiting for, how ever the 20 second that they were holding their hands made an impressive frame and an eternal memory to Lewis.

Source: Lewis Kemper


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