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Humanity is Restored and Kindness Heals. The Story of 31-year-old Man and 89-year-Old Women who Shares an Eternal Bond

As she lives out her dying days, Norma Cook Dinner, 89, and Chris Salvatore, 31, are inseparable.

For the past four years, the dynamic duo has lived separate from their West Hollywood, California neighbors. This year, Salvatore took over as Cook’s dearest caregiver after doctors advised that she undergo 24-hour at-home care.

Source: Instagram/chrissalvatore

I love her and consider her to be my closest friend.

Salvatore, an actor and singer, said, “I would be happy to do anything for her.

Our hero said, “I believe that human compassion is a mystical force that might be able to heal what doctors can’t.”

Salvatore wants Cook who only has a few months to live to feel, “so adored” every night at dinner.

Salvatore claims it is now his responsibility to ensure that she never feels alone and is at ease.

“Giving her the pleasure of dying away peacefully and enjoying her final months of life is my gift to her” he said.

Source: Instagram/chrissalvatore

Salvatore, a decorator, recently relocated into Cook dinner’s condo. He would greet the actor-singer as he walked out of his condo by waving where he can see her from kitchen window.
“At one time, I inquired, ‘Can I be available and chat?'” She seemed incredibly kind as a result, Salvatore claims. “She gave me a glass of champagne, and we hit it off right away.
When I was going through a breakup and was depressed, I would talk to her for hours on end.

Knowing she was there and had heard me made me feel better. She helped me through some trying times.

Source: Instagram/chrissalvatore

She never had children, got divorced at 43, and was given a leukemia diagnosis ten years ago. Salvatore took up her care last year when her health quickly deteriorated.

She was hospitalized six times in the previous year. Salvatore stated the doctor told him when he was released from the hospital two weeks prior, “You can’t leave the hospital until you have 24-hour care.” Additionally, I was unable to let her reside in a facility or nursing home. I would rather die than receive care in an institution, she declared.

She communicates in a fierce and direct manner. Norma is clever and intelligent. If she doesn’t like my clothes, she will touch them. She is who she is, and I believe it is a fantastic thing to have as a personality.

Despite her illnesses, Cooks appears to be “completely happy”, and she is consuming food and gaining weight, according to Salvatore.

Source: Instagram/chrissalvatore

We wish them happy future and hope they get whatever good deeds they wish.



  1. So sweet of him. Bless his heart!
    She’s even sweeter, always caring never judgmental. She looks ways younger, they complete each other.


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