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Incredible Foot prints found at A Chinees Restaurant

The discovery of dinosaur footprints in a restaurant in Leshan, Sichuan Province, has gone viral worldwide. The question is whether a type of dinosaur from the past visited that area. This is a very beautiful story that you will be surprised to hear.


Source: Cnn

On July 10th, while eating dinner at a restaurant in Leshan, Sichuan Province, Ou Hongtao noticed something strange and paid close attention to it. Ou Hongtao, who is interested in archaeology, noticed “unusual teeth” on the floor of the restaurant’s courtyard and assumed they were dinosaur footprints. He immediately informed the restaurant owner and the China University of Geology about this wonderful sign.


Source: CNS News/Youtube

A team led by paleontologist and assistant professor Dr. Lida Xing of the China University of Geology arrived and began formal research, confirming that these feet date back 100 million years and belong to a sauropod, a dinosaur with a long neck and four thick legs.


Source: The Gal Time

According to the length of the footprints, sauropods could have had a body length of 40 – 50 meters and were the size of three school buses. The largest herbivores ever to roam the Earth, sauropods were so massive that their mere movement rocked the ground. Using a 3D scanner, Xing’s team verified the discovery.


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Even though a lot of dinosaur fossils from the Jurassic period have been found in Sichuan, very few fossils from the Cretaceous period have been discovered. This discovery is very important for China because it shows that dinosaurs lived for a long time. Because the “dinosaurs flourished” during the Cretaceous period, there is more evidence that dinosaurs were very different.

Fearing that this historically significant resource would be lost due to construction work, the team attempted to reach the station within 48 hours of receiving the message.


Source: Global Times

However, the restaurant’s owner deserves praise for taking precautions to keep this finding safe. The owner of the restaurant has already put up a fence to keep people from walking on the pits. A shed may also be built to protect the footprints even more.


Source: CNN

This place Before it was turned into a restaurant, it was a chicken farm. The dirt and sand on the ground helped keep the footprints in place. While the restaurant owner always tried to maintain the restaurant’s natural status and it was decided not to cover the floor with cement. So this leads to protecting the footprint.

“When we arrived, we discovered that the footprints were very deep and clear, but no one thought they were dinosaur footprints.” Dr. Lida Xing stated.


Source: CNS

This will create more interest in archeology among the public and more recognition for the restaurant.



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