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Incredible Photos of a Great Grey Owl Perfectly Camouflaged into the Tree

James S. Batuigas, a 45-year-old nature photographer from Burnaby, Canada, captured this remarkable image of a great gray owl playing hide and seeks with its prey in the forest in British Columbia.

He was driving 5 hours to his favorite wildlife photography area, the British Columbia forest, looking particularly for a great gray owl to click a picture.

He chose to drive around on the forest roads searching for the gray owls, scanning every tree in hopes of finding one during noontime, when the owls usually rested in their trees.

While driving, he suddenly noticed something moving in the tree trunk in the corner of his eye. It took some time for him to realize that was the camouflaged owl, cunningly blended with the bark of the pine tree. He instantly took out his camera and clicked some pictures of that majestic bird.

Here we can see that the color and pattern of the owl’s plumage matched the tree’s texture perfectly. This owl’s feathers help it blends in with the natural environment and keeps it warm.

The Great Gray Owl is the world’s largest owl, not by weight but by length, which can reach 33 inches.The white collar under its neck made it more unique.



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