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Indiana Pizza Delivery Man Saves 5 Children From Burning Home

Nicholas Bostic, age 25, was delivering pizza in Indiana, USA when he saw a house on fire. He entered the home with black smoke from the rear entrance without pausing to reconsider. The lives of four kids were rescued after a very challenging struggle. His greatest hurdle was the high temperature and thick smoke. But none of these challenges could stop the will to save the kids.

#1. Burning home

Source: Layfette Police Department 

Once outside, the children said one of their siblings was still inside the house. He once again entered the bedroom on the second floor, but no one was there. Nicholas looked for the child in the heavy smoke but could not see him, so when Nicholas was about to leave the house again, he heard the sound of a child screaming downstairs.

When the kids got outside, they revealed that one of their siblings remained inside. He once more entered the second-floor bedroom, but no one was there. Nicholas searched for the youngster in the thick smoke but could not locate him, so as he was ready to leave the home, he heard a child screaming downstairs.

#2. Nicholas Bostic

“The child was downstairs. I wrapped my shirt over my mouth and nose and reached for the screaming child through a black lagoon of smoke. I found the 6-year-old girl, but I couldn’t see a way out because of the black smoke.” Nicholas explained.

Nicholas opened the window and leapt with the youngster in his arms from the second-story window to the earth below. Even though his arm hurt, he carried the child outside and gave her to the first person who came to help.

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Source: Layfette Police Department 

After passing the child to the other person, he fell to the ground in pain and asked what had happened to the crying child. Nicholas wanted to make sure the baby was all right.


Source: Layfette Police Department

He was given emergency care before being sent to the hospital.


Source: GoFundMe

Saving a life is both a challenging endeavor and a noble deed. But to do this, one must possess selflessness, bravery, and patience. Because he possessed all of these attributes, he could execute the heroic act of saving five lives.


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