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Japanese Man’s Amazing Marriage With Fictional Character

As we all know, marriage is the establishment of a mutually beneficial partnership between two living individuals. But what if there is a marriage between a fictitious character and a real-life person? What is going to happen? Akihiko Kondo, a 38-year-old Japanese guy, accomplished something extraordinary. He married a hologram — the fictional character  Hatsune Miku, a sixteen-year-old Japanese virtual idol. Even looks weird, you may enjoy this beautiful love story, 


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Who is Akihiko Kondo?

Akihiko Kondo is a graduate who studied at a vocational school. Later he worked as a clerk at junior high school and public elementary. Kondo had to quit his job because he faced harassment from a female coworker. Because of this, Akihiko Kondo became depressed and lost his appetite. The family doctor advised him to take time off work.


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Father’s advice

Although his father was not very close to him, he was given life-affirming advice. “Some people say that bullies should be bullied too. But to do so is not fitting for humanity,” said his father. Although he had to take revenge on the women who had harassed him, on his father’s advice, Kondo endured the pain alone. Finally, he decided not to marry a real girl because he lost interest in women. His selection was the fictional character Hatsune Miku. 


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Who is this famous Hatsune Miku?

Hatsune Miku is a fictional character – a voice synthesizer software product developed by Japanese Media company call Crypto Future Media. She is a pop singer who has toured with Lady Gaga and starred in video games. 


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How he closed to Miku?

In his darkest times, he got closed to his virtual idol, Miku, and shared his sad experience with her. Even though she did not respond, he expressed his grief to her. Miku paid attention to what he said. ” Miku is with me at all times. She will never betray me or do me any harm. Without a doubt, she is always there for me. I will never see her sick or die. That’s exactly what I’m looking for” . Immediately he realized, Miku is the suitable partner for him.


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Kondo knew that, the rest of the world considers it unusual, and also well aware that Miku isn’t real. However, it is not an issue for him. Miku, according to  Kondo, is better than a human companion since she is his virtual companion.


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“I share my meals with her every day since she enjoys it as well. For the past 10 years, Miku has shared my bed with me. You might be surprised to learn that we’ve been together for 10 years.” Kondo spoke with pride.


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#8. She looks like a childish, cartoon-like creature, – with a low neckline and big boobs, schoolgirl blouse and short skirt.

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Marriage with Miku

One day Kondo proposed her to marry him. Her response was quite pleasant. “Please treat me well”, Miku answered. They married in grand style in 2018, but no relatives or coworkers have participated. This magnificent wedding, however, was attended by strangers and internet friends. “I was madly in love with her. I married her, hoping to live with her for the rest of my life.” Kondo said.

#9. Guests smiled and clapped as he walked down the aisle with her by his side.

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#10. Dinner was served as usual for them. A bride-to-be on a glass, Miku stood proudly.

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Fictosexual man married hologram bride

Many people consider Kondo as a “fictosexual” character or someone who is sexually attracted to a fictional character. The company name Gatebox introduced a device that let Kondo interact with Miku and even unofficially marry her.

#11. It was a joyful day for him, because his sole desire was granted on that day. He was holding her with tenderness.

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#12. They exchanged the rings

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#13. The couple’s incredible marriage certificate – but it is still unknown whether Japan accept it as official.

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#15. They did not forget to cut the wedding cake on the big day, either.

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Miku is the hologram that lives in a glass capsule on a shelf in the corner of his own room and the cuddly toy with its big soft head and small body that he holds close at night. Yep, his lovely wife. 


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Eliminating marriage life

After four years of marriage, the Gatebox company decided to eliminate the software. So he can no longer talk to his ‘wife’ in holographic form. “But my love is not changed. I hope I could be with her forever,” He insisted.


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Someone might find this strange. But Kundo says he has the right to marry the person he loves. Such people exist all over the world and remain silent for fear of being rejected by society. But Kundo isn’t so frightening. He freely expresses his feelings.

Many people around the world will be opposed to this marriage. You will have the same point of view. The inanimate Miku, on the other hand, was able to bring him back to life when he became tired of living. We should definitely express our gratitude to her.



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