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Meet The Adorable Cousin of Kangaroo, You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

When you heard the country name Australia, without doubt the Kangaroo comes in to your mind You may heard a lot about those ground-dwelling kangaroos, but have you ever heard of tree-dwelling kangaroos?
Here we have brought some pictures and facts about this amazing creature.

We find these Kangaroos with a cute appearance like small bear cubs. They are inhabiting the tropical rain forests of Australian region mainly at Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia. This little creature has considered as threatened species due to hunting and habitat destruction.

Today we are going to talk about them. We find these kangaroos with cute appearances like small bear cubs in the forests of northern Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Indonesia.


Their most unique feature is that they have adapted to live comfortably in trees. That’s why they got the name Tree-Kangaroo.




They have a strong front and short legs for climbing and look like little balls.



These tree kangaroos are so rare and beautiful therefore they have achieved quite a celebrity status.


In 2016, the first Tree-Kangaroo were born in captivity for the first time in 36 years, giving hope to the species and their descendants.





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