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Man Faked Being Deaf And Dumb For Six Decades To Avoid Listening To His Wife

The world is full of people with amazing character traits and Zelus365 today presents a character with weird traits.

Dorothy Dawson, a lady from Waterbury in Connecticut, United States, cased a file against her husband, 84-year-old Barry Dawson never spoke a single word with her throughout their 60 decades of marriage.

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She claimed in the divorce, that he had been pretending to be deaf and dumb for over 62 years in order to avoid having to listen to her. Together they had six children and thirteen grandkids, all of whom believed he was deaf.

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“Earlier, I attempted to speak with him through sign language; but, he is not a very talkative person. After I was successful, he pretended to have vision problems. I believe he deceived me once again as well “ Dorothy said.

His secret was revealed when Dorothy Dawson saw a YouTube video of Barry singing at a karaoke bar. Frustrated with his deceitfulness, she decided to go to court.

However, Dawson’s attorney, Robert Sanchez, claimed that his client did not wish to offend or cheat his wife and explained why their marriage had existed for 62 years.

Credits Goes To The Original Owners

“Mr. Dowson is pretty quiet and not particularly talkative, but his wife, Dorothy, is extremely chatty. If he had not pretended to be deaf, the couple would have divorced 60 years ago. In such a sense, he did it for her and his family,” he said.

According to weirdworld.com. Ms. Dorothy demanded alimony, half of their possessions, and financial recompense for her ” emotional stress and burden.”



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