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Man Risked Himself to be Jailed to Rescue a Dying Baby Bear

Corey Hancock, wild life photographer had faced to a heart touching incident while on a hiking in Oregon.

A three-month-old baby bear was abandoned by his mother and poor little one was at terrible risk of losing its life. It was not able to move when Corey reach there.

He is not at a position to let die this little one, Corey took it on his hand and start to walk back two miles to Turtle Ridge Wildlife Center near Salem, Oregon. Even at that time it is uncertain the life of it.

While walk on, at one point little one struggle to breath, Corey had to give CPR few times to keep it breath.

Luckily the baby bear was recovered from dehydration and starvation with the treatments and being much better now.

In the aspect of animal experts, the action taken by Corey is not acceptable, Also, according to the Fish and Wildlife department regulation he should be slapped with a $6,000 fine or even spent up to a year in jail.

However, Oregon State Police take no actions against him, and treated him as a hero.

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