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Man, Who Models In Crochet Crop Tops To Support His Daughter’s Business

A father’s love for his daughter can’t be measured by any scale. There’s nothing better than seeing their kids succeed. They may do anything for the success of their kids and always be happy to help them get there.

Jeff Beaver is one of the most inspiring fathers we met on internet. Zelus365 would like to share his story with all of you, and we hope this would be tribute to all the fathers who dedicate life on their kids.

Emily Beaver has interest on creating crochet designs since she was a kid. She used to make crochet design for herself and for her friends.  As per her, “I very much enjoyed seeing my creations on friends and the joy they got from wearing my art.”

Her passion on crochet designing transformed to a business

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In 2015, Emily got an idea to transform her passion in to a business model. However, it did not give the best results as she expects. She never gave up, one day she dresses her mother as crop top model and published on her Instagram. Unbelievably, it got work. Emily realized that if she needs to get attention, has to try something new. It is where the Jeff (farther) get involved. The miracle happens, the photos got viral all over.

Source: lovebeav/IG

Emily feels that her small business is not much smaller as she thought, she made a decision to quite from her job and pay more attention on crocheting and content creating on TikTok and Instagram. She has able to gather 30000+ and 600000+ audience on each respectively.

“My dad doing whatever it takes to sell my crochet tops”

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As usual, not everyone takes Emily’s concept in same way, they claimed it was inappropriate for a man to pose in the way that Jeff did. However, Emily and her family try not to take the negatives much hard. They got encourage with the positive comments from the audience.

Family is everything

Source: lovebeav/IG

As per Emily, the most important part in this business is, her family can stay together while working and can make fun videos. We never knew how big this would get, but we are embracing the excitement!” she added.

What do you feel on this amazing family, and the support these parents given on their kid on her success.



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