Most Hilarious Goods in Online Shopping That Are Guaranteed to Get Some Big Laughs


Shop online is grate to save some money and time. Anyhow, it can also turn to a hilarious experience because of sellers’ scams. Today we are not going to brings you the pulse or minuses in online shopping.

This is all about some hilarious products we met on internet. We guaranteed you may get some big laugh. 

#1. Gift of Nothing

It is inevitable to going out of idea, when we have to select a gift for someone. The situation gets worse where the person that’s got it all.

“The Gift of Nothing” we found in internet would be an ideal in this kind of situation.

For sure they won’t have one already. At the same time there is no chance of them hating you for it, since there is nothing to hate.

Gift of Nothing
Gift of Nothing

#2. The Book of Useless

Have you ever heard about some useless book, Oh! Please I am not talking about bank pass book. This is something weird than that.

“The Book of Useless” contained lots of imaginable articles start from most unusual tourist attractions in USA to story of Dracula.

This 704-pages contains 250 articles that range from absurd to useless to hilarious.

The Book of Useless
The Book of Useless

#3. Smells Like My Vagina Candle

Smells Like My Vagina Scented Candle. We do not know what fragrance it is, since it is unique from one to another. As per the manufacturer it is made with Orchids, Sea Salt & Lily of The Valley fragrance and essential oils. Hope this would be an ideal gift for some one who mostly in love with.

Smells Like My Vagina Candle
Smells Like My Vagina Candle

#4. PeeBall - Potty Training

Potty train your little tike in record time with the Pee Ball potty training game. This skee ball-styled game is equipped with suction cups for easy setup and comes with a series of targets designed to help you to learn how to aim. 

PeeBall - Potty Training
PeeBall - Potty Training

#5. The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump

People have different abilities, yes apart from a businessman and a politician, What if there’s a hidden dimension to Donald Trump; a sensitive, poetic side? 

Rob Sears written this amazing book using Trump’s words for signs of poetry.

The Beautiful Poetry of Donald Trump

#6. Shrek pooping toothpaste topper

Shrek poops toothpaste topper is a great way to get kids to brush their teeth.

Shrek pooping toothpaste topper

#7. Xbox 360 controller bra

Does your boyfriend not give you enough attention because he’s always playing video games? Well, you can lure him away with a familiar sight by wearing the Xbox 360 controller bra. 

Just remember that button squishing will be a hard habit to avoid.

Xbox 360 controller bra
Xbox 360 controller bra

#8. The Handy Hand

It is a perfect gadget to use in this uncertain period. The handy hand helps you to avoid human contact. This would possibly a lifesaving tool that could use in day-to-day life.

The Handy Hand

#9. Chicken Arms

Would you like to have a little T-Rex in your garden? This tiny 3D printed component is made specifically for poultry. Look how beautiful they are.

Chicken Arms
Chicken Arms

#10. Piece of Shit – Plantable Fake Poop

A simple, funny, and flowerful gift. This little piece of poop is made of recycled paper and wildflower seeds, and it can be planted to grow a mix of annual and perennials.

Piece of Shit – Plantable Fake Poop
Piece of Shit – Plantable Fake Poop

#11. The Pendulum Swing Decision Maker

Struggle with life-changing decisions? No more worries, leave it to decide this pendulum swing decision-maker. Each time you have an essential decision, simply take a swing, and the pendulum will always point you in the right direction.

The Pendulum Swing Decision Maker

#12. How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

After read it out, your kitty will be ready to handle any situation that threaten to their nine lives.

How to Talk to Your Cat About Gun Safety

#13. Girlfriend Arm Pillow

Are you worrying about not having a girlfriend? Here is the perfect solution for snuggling up on the sofa, in bed or leaving out around your house to freak out guests. Great for spooning, draping over your shoulders, or when you need a lovely big hug.

Note: Underwear colors and styles may vary unless you want something specific.

Girlfriend Arm Pillow

#14. Computer Rear View Mirror

This computer rear view mirror can place on your laptop or desktop easily. It can minimize the chances the chance of getting caught you slacking off while at work.

Computer Rear View Mirror

#15. The Wisdom Male Urinary Device

Say goodbye to waiting in line for the Porta-Potty at your next outdoor event! The Whizdom male urinary device is a 40inch Latex tube that when rolled on, allows men to urinate directly on to the ground discreetly.

The Wisdom Male Urinary Device

#16. The Don't Touch Useless Box

Keep the rug rats have fun for hours on end with this Don’t Touch Useless Box.

The wood crafted container stuffed with a cute tiger. Every time the cover flipped up, the little tiger popped up and push the switch to close the lid.

The Don't Touch Useless Box
The Don't Touch Useless Box


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