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Mother Left a Blind Baby, Adoptive Parents Changed Her Entire Life

Even her mother could not have imagined that Primrose, a Chinese baby girl, would receive so much attention from the world when she was born. This girl, born blind, was cruelly abandoned by her mother in the hospital. But when kind adoptive parents met her, the entire fate of this helpless child changed.

Today, Zelus365 presents the tremendous efforts that a kind and generous family made to bring up a blind and helpless small girl.

Source: Cater news

Newborn girl with silver eye

The girl was born with eyes made of pure silver, and the physicians diagnosed her with congenital glaucoma. This uncommon syndrome causes complete blindness in one out of every thirty thousand infants. As a result, her mother abandoned her in the hospital.

Source: Cater news

No one wants to accept her

The girl was then placed in an orphanage among other kids. Although foster parents frequently sought to adopt orphans, no one desired this blind girl. As five years passed, the orphanage staff had likewise given up hope of finding loving adoptive parents for this innocent little flower.

Source: cater news

This is where the story should have ended, but a married couple from Braselton, Georgia, named Erwin and Chris Austin, completely changed.

Let’s listen to Chris Austin’s speech from here.

My husband, Erwin,  and I have two lovely kids. We had no intention of having any more children. We had a great time as a family of four in our new house.

Source: Eryn Austin

Information about a strange child

In 2014, as I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across a post about adoption. When I saw her beautiful face for the first time, I had a strange feeling that she was my child. I can’t believe I feel that way. I sent an email right away to find out more. Her picture showed that she was blind and had pretty cheeks. 

Source: cater news

Hesitating about adopting a child

So we started gathering her “profile file” and having it evaluated by respected medical professionals. But their initial response was tragic. “Your family is not a good fit for this blind and deaf girl.” Those words are some of the worst comments I have ever heard. We struggled with these words for a hard night, attempting to determine whether or not they were accurate.

Source: cater news

A final decision about the child

We returned her case to the agency, asking for further information. Chris reminded me as I wept myself to sleep that night, ‘If she’s ours, she’s ours, we can find a way.’ A few weeks later, we received an email informing us that she had passed her latest hearing test. She can hear but not see, in other words. The experts then said, “Get that nice girl!”

Source: Eryn Austin

In the end, the child was in our care

Moving from the United States to China is a complicated and costly undertaking. But we never regretted making a choice. After a lot of work and two Christmases later, in 2016, we were finally able to welcome her to new home.

Source: Eryn Austin
Source: Eryn Austin

The whole family was happy

We had no intention of educating the world about blind child adoption. We obtained the child of our own free choice. Therefore we were not dependent upon the judgment of others. We didn’t need people to feel sorry for us. We chose to try to save the child’s life. At first, she was happy because she have a new family and new life.

Source: Eryn Austin

Unexpected situation

Unfortunately, Primrose’s eyes began to ache after a while. She refused to eat and wept for 16 hours daily due to the excruciating discomfort. Primrose has a detached retina in one eye due to excessive pressure, and the other eye has shrunk in half. We tried to save the life of our little mermaid.

Source: Eryn Austin

Hardest decision to make in the lifetime

Even though we couldn’t stand it, we had to agree with the physician’s last answer. Both of her eyes must be removed to preserve her life. Chris and I cannot tolerate this. Finally, it was determined that the girl’s eyes would be removed. It was challenging for the adoptive parents to consent to this treatment, but it was the only way to preserve the child’s life.

Source: Lifestories

She came back to us two days after her surgery. Primrose will never regain her sight, but the source of her terrible pain has been eliminated. She will need an eye transplant.

Source: Eryn Austin

My fairy came back to life

Primrose smiled for the first time in months and felt good.

Source: Eryn Austin

She can’t see anything at all now. But we want to teach her how to live on her own, without depending on anyone else.

Source: Caters New Agency

Strong love is a necessary thing in life

We are helping her in every possible way and are fully committed to her upbringing. We love and care for her unconditionally. She feels special and important because we are always with her.

Source: Eryn Austin

We feel very strong because her older brother and sister always treat her with love. They always think of her as one of them.

Source: Eryn Austin

Primrose isn’t the helpless child that everyone avoids anymore. She is very happy and has a big, loving family.

Source: Eryn Austin
Source: Eryn Austin

We will have to make numerous sacrifices and changes in our lives for the sake of Primrose. She is our daughter. Sister to children. We remind them all the time that she is their sister.

Source: Eryn Austin

Do you think about how beautiful and good parents they are when you hear this story? This sacrifice made by these two should be highly appreciated in an era when it is extremely rare to make unlimited sacrifices for a child that is not one’s own.

Source: Eryn Austin

We believe that God-like men coexist with wicked men by seeing Irwin and Chris’s noble effort. The custodial parents’ remarkable action when the biological mother was left behind due to blindness was a very difficult one.

Be kind to needy people. Then you too can change the world.



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