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Mysterious Story behind the Mexican Island Filled with Thousands of Dead Baby Dolls

Have you ever heard of a mysterious island where thousands of dolls hang like dead children? You’ll be surprised to learn that such an island exists. Isla de las Mucenas is a Mexican island near the Xochimico Canal.

#01. Isla de las Mucenas Island

This mystery story begins strangely. Don Julian Santana Barrera left his family and settled on the island in the 1950s. Here he finds the body of a young girl who drowned in the Xochimilco Canal. This meeting completely changed the future of him and the island.

#02. Don Julian Santana Barrera

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#03. Dead young girl

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He was deeply disturbed by the inability to save the child’s life. Shortly after that, Julian saw something floating on the canals. Most probably, the doll belonged to the girl. He hung that doll on a tree on the island to remember her and comfort her dead soul.

#04. Oldest doll on the island

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But over the next 50 years, Santana did something strange. All dolls that flowed along the canal and the dolls in the garbage cans were collected. He started hanging dolls on trees, fences, dilapidated buildings, and branches all over the forest, making them look like part of the forest.

#05. This is the original place where he started the collection.

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Fifty years. Who can engage in this type of tiresome activity for half a century? It is a task that the average individual is incapable of performing. There are numerous points of view about this. Julian was supposedly plagued by the girl’s soul and began hanging more dolls to appease her. According to many who knew him, Julian was driven by an unknown power that entirely transformed him.

#06. Dolls are hanging in the little hut. Julian lived here among all these dolls

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However, Julian dies unexpectedly in 2001 at the exact location of the girl. This came as a surprise to everyone. Many on the island believe Julian has joined the island’s spirits. It became a tourist attraction after Julian’s death in 2001, with tourists bringing more dolls. Thousands of travelers from all around the world were drawn to these fascinating stories.


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There could be thousands of dolls on the island. However, no one knows the exact number.


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#09. No eyes. No end. Dangerous face.

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#10. The doll’s neck was cut off and tied to a tree. It isn’t easy to see blood flow throughout the body.

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#11. A small child doll is killed and hanged.

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#12. A distorted face.

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#13. Dolls on the ground, lifeless

#14. A well-built body without ahead

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#15. A bunch of dolls is hanging from the trees. But it’s horrifying.

#16. There is also a smiling doll

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Winds and weather have made some of the dolls appear to be hanged.


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Some of him would be hanging whole, while others would be in different states of disrepair, like without ahead, without a body, or other ways.


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Below are pictures of several dolls on the island.


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Tourists now bring their dolls with them when they visit. Many people choose to hang their dolls around the island, adding their twist to the story.


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Some call this a scary island, but It is not creepy. I highly recommend visiting with your loved ones, and it would be a great experiance in your life.



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