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Single Mom Who Managed to Raised 22 babies at the Age of 24 – Kristina Ozturk

A child is a mother’s greatest asset. But what if it is a single mother who wishes to have 22 children. Challenging, but she is still happy. This is the story of a beautiful 24-year-old mother, Kristina Ozturk.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

Her childhood desire was to have a large, happy family and be a mother to many children. When she was 17 years old, Kristina gave birth to her first child Vika. Unfortunately, Vika’s father had disappeared from the scene suddenly; Kristina had to take on all the challenges as a teenage single mother of her little angle.

Since she was just a teenager, she decided that she could only handle one child.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

This was extremely challenging for her at a young age. She looked forward to having a suitable partner who could share her life while facing this challenge. At the same time, she needs someone who could be a good father to Vika.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

Can you imagine “How is the life of a single mother?” at her young age, she struggled over years and years and shifted to Batumi, Georgia, at the age of 23. Even Kristina might never think that this journey would change her life completely. She met her future life partner there. Galip Ozturk, 57


Instagram via @batumi_mama

He was a Turkish millionaire businessman and the owner of several companies. By this time, he was the father of eight children.

Bothe were fell in love at first sight. After a few dates, the couple quickly fell into a serious relationship. So Kristina and Vika decided to move to Batumi permanently to begin a life with Galip.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

They decided to marry in a few days. Both had a common goal and desire from an early age: raising a self-sufficient family. They both want huge families with as many children as possible.


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They talked about how to have more children in a short period. When the discussion expanded to include one baby every year, they realized Kristina’s body might not be able to bear it anymore. After having a lot’s discussion. They decide to seek assistance from a surrogacy agency.


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They learned everything they could about the possibility of having multiple children through surrogacy at the same time. They had to call on as many surrogate mothers as they were willing to help. It costs $9,700 for each baby to make this option. Surrogacy laws in Georgia were extremely helpful to them in this regard. The legislation states that persons with genetic rights have the right to a child born, and those who have children do not inherit it.


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At this point, Kristina had to make some effort to choose the right woman. To ensure that child have a healthy start in life, possible surrogates were sent to counseling services. They had to sign a legal document before becoming pregnant.


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Is she capable of caring for this many children on her own? Not. They recruited sixteen nannies to care for their colossal family. Additionally, she employs cooks, gardeners, security guards, cleaners, and a human resources manager.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

Are caregivers capable of performing all of the children’s chores? Is she capable of carrying out all of a mother’s responsibilities to her children? Let’s see how she dealt with the issues.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

She shares her experience on Instagram, “I’m with the kids all the time, doing all the things that moms normally do.”

No matter how many children she has, she always pays attention to everyone.

Kristina says: “Yes. We have a special bond with every child. I wish every parent to be able to spend all their time with their children because this is the most important thing in life.”


Instagram via @batumi_mama

The husband leads a very busy life. But she has made time for him to spend time with the children.

Kristina says: “We usually feed the children in due time, and we have dinner together with my husband very late. On weekends, we eat together and spend time alone as much as possible, which is why Sunday is a day off on the blog to be just a family without prying eyes.”


Instagram via @batumi_mama

Her Instagram account, @batumi mama, is full of parenting advice, lifestyle advice, and product placement for toys. It’s a great place to find these things.

It would be a good place to learn, How to raise a kid?

How to become a good mother to many children? Or How to manage time with kids? So on.

When asked about the amount of space in the house, she stated: “For now, we have three floors at home. Maybe we will build more floors in the future, and maybe we will buy a bigger house. We don’t have an exact plan because we have enough space for everybody.”


“I spend the maximum amount of time with my children, but when I’m not with them, I control everything.”

Instagram via @batumi_mama


Instagram via @batumi_mama

Kristina wants each of the babies to follow a strict sleep schedule. As a hard-working mom, She manages her kids to sleep from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am every night.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

She follows strict routing for adopting children the same way. When one child starts crying, she forbids not to take to arms, and instead, she advises the child to calm down.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

As per her, “Each child has a personnel diary that records all the details of his life,”


Instagram via @batumi_mama

She always pays attention to What her babies eat and how they use the bathroom. Also very keen on what need would be the best bedtime story for them. Caregivers have lots of advice from her.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

See how a child’s breakfast is different from a typical breakfast for a child of that age. Kristina’s Instagram profile indicates that the youngsters eat porridge (rice, buckwheat, corn) served with butter. The elderly consume porridge made with milk formula, whereas the younger generation consumes water.”


Instagram via @batumi_mama

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Instagram via @batumi_mama

Vika, Kristina’s eldest, assists her in caring for others. This has brought her immense relief.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

Kristina explains in one of her posts:

….In great and endless love, the idea is that our children will not be alone when they grow up… When there are no parents, they will be with each other. I was the only child in the family and always dreamed of brothers or sisters so that I would not be so lonely.

All the children are of the same age, the connection between the children will be even stronger as they learn about this whole magical world together. They study together, develop and play, and understand each other by 200%!


Instagram via @batumi_mama

Galip is continuously proud of his wife’s skill to run a household. “What a beautiful mother you are,” he said to Kristina. As a result, now she is more confident in her capacity to be a mother.


Instagram via @batumi_mama

We can learn a lot from this young mother. Her courage as a young mom. A loving wife. We invite you to follow her on Instagram. I hope that there is something to take into your life. 

Also, do not yo give up your childhood dreams.



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