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Spine-Tingling Sensation at A Haunted Dark Forest

Would you like to being a part of your own horror movie? If yes this is for you.

Escape Challenge North, in Ontario is a place specially designed to the people who wish to get spine-tingling sensation by being a part of escape challenge in a haunted dark forest.

Haunted games

It has especially revamped for spooky season and the theme set as “Curse at the Carnival”.

All the activities setup in the woods, your task is to find the remains of an abandoned carnival. You may have to face on series of challenges to lift up the curse before it too late.

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The participants have to do this alone, but you are not alone at all, you may feel that someone is watching on you under the shadow of darkness.

The best thing is you can choose the play time as day, dusk or night upon your choice.

But always keep on mind “The woods have eyes”



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