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The 10 Most-searched Halloween Costumes Of 2022, According To Google Trends

There are so many things to love about Halloween, but the biggest part is the joy of picking out fantastic Halloween costume. We can dress up as literally anything we want to celebrate this scariest day of the year. For many, deciding the perfect costume is pretty hard for this fun tradition. But in this new age, when we are struggling with something, the first thing we do Google it.

Here we bring you some Google Trends, the most-searched Halloween costumes according to the 2022 edition of Google’s Rightist’. So, there are many neat and creative Halloween costume ideas on the internet for you to try. But superheroes and mythical beings take the most popular place, and they are in the top ten trends.

Now you are about to take an epic internet journey through the greatest Halloween costumes of the year 2022, and there is sure to be the perfect outfit for you in this list. We wish you happy and fun-filled Halloween!

#1. Witch

Source: halloweencostumes.com

#2. Spider-Man

Source: Pinterest.com

#3. Dinosaur

Source: Amazon.com

#4. Stranger Things

Source: hearstapps.com

#5. Fairy

Source: alfdeal.com

#6. Pirate

Source: Amazon.com

#7. Rabbit

Source: smiffys.com

#8. Cheerleader

Source: creativecostumes.com.au

#9. Cowboy

Source: halloweencostumes.com

#10. Harley Quinn

Source: cutegirlshairstyles.com


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