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The Weird People Turned Themselves into Plastic

Millions of years of evolution have resulted in the present human body’s physical features. These characteristics won’t change for millions of years. However, today’s people do not have such patience. They turn to science for help in altering their physical features, such as their eyes, ears, and nose.

Some people spend a lot of money on plastic surgery and become completely plastic.

#1. Pixy Pox – the lady with a tiny waist

Pixy Pox, a woman, desired to have a tiny waist like the cartoon character Jessika Rabbit. As a result, Pixy appears to be a cartoon when she goes by. Some people object, but she enjoys it.

Source: b TV barcroft

The cartoon character Jessica Rabbit

Source: B TV barcroft

Pixy underwent over 200 surgeries o make her physical parts appear cartoonish. This is said to have cost USD 120,000. 

Source: B TV Barcroft

She is the first documented case to have six of her ribs removed to shrink her waist to 14 inches. Although this may have damaged internal organs, her surgical madness has not healed. At this point, Pixy had had 18 surgeries done on her by eight different doctors.

The dangerous surgery

Source: B TV Barcroft

She changed the color of her eyes. Her eyes have recently undergone surgery to change her color permanently. Although many people wear lenses to change the color of their eyes temporarily, this woman removed the front half of her eye. Pixy forever altered the eye color by wearing a permanent lens. This risky surgery isn’t legal in western countries cause it could make you blind. Still, she doesn’t care about that because she traveled to India to get those permanent implants. Pixee managed to turn her eye color into cartoon green. She is the first woman in the world to get an eyelash transplant using her hair

Change the color to permanent cartoon green

Source: B TV Barcroft

Her medical history revealed that she had undergone multiple procedures to enhance her appearance, including four breast implants, four nose jobs, an ear piercing, and a full jaw reconstruction.

Some people think she’s crazy, but Pixy says that some people like the changes and that any criticism is valid because it’s up to them. She is trying to reverse some of her cosmetic procedures, saying that she notices some of those complications. 

Source: B TV Barcroft

#2. Adam Daniel – Madona like guy

Source: Barcroft TV and Vishwa Gaweshaka

Many people in society condemn attempts by men to become women. This guy’s specialty attempts to transform his body to resemble Madonna, a well-known American singer. 

Source: Barcroft TV and Vishwa Gaweshaka
Source: Barcroft TV and Vishwa Gaweshaka

He had spent more than 75,000 US dollars on this. Even though he is dressed like Madonna, many people criticize him; he claims it is a fantastic investment for his career.

Source: Barcroft TV and Vishwa Gaweshaka

As one of his sources of income, he performs as Madonna at special events. Many plastic procedures utilized various artificial fillers to mimic Madonna’s face. His closet was packed with Madonna-style clothing. His strange behavior bothers his parents, but he doesn’t mind.

#3. Victoria Wild – Fashion model

Source: Barcroft TV and Vishwa Gaweshaka

One of her dreams was to become an American fashion model after graduating from an American Business School. However, Victoria felt that she lacked confidence in her physical look and sought to improve it through plastic surgery.

Source: Barcroft TV and Vishwa Gaweshaka

Her attempt was successful after a large amount of silicone was injected into her body. Victoria could not give up this process which started at 27.

Source: Barcroft TV and Vishwa Gaweshaka

She was able to fully transform her body after numerous procedures. Victoria claims this makes her more marketable and allows her to appear in advertisements.

Source: Barcroft TV and Vishwa Gaweshaka

#4. Edward Sprain – Lizardman

Many people undergo plastic surgery to beautify their bodies. Of course, Edward, who thinks differently, wants to look like a lizard. 

Source: Sacred Debris
Source: Dakotal

Incredible, isn’t it? By looking at the world’s wonders, it would appear that such things are feasible on this planet. The tattoo was made to look green with lizard-like scales. The tongue was surgically split into two, and the teeth were extracted.

The tattoo was designed to seem green with lizard-like scales. The teeth were sharpened, and the tongue was surgically split in two.

Source: Allan Falkner

It also shaved the brows and created five reptilian-like lumps.

Source: Best Tattoos Ever

The task of this particular individual is likewise complicated. His profession is to gain money by doing things that most people cannot perform, such as swallowing swords, holding fire, and sleeping on a bed fashioned from nails. This individual has achieved a world record by lifting the most weight with his earlobes.

#5. Jocelyn Wildenstein – Cat like woman

Jocelyn was born in Lausanne, Switzerland, in 1945 but later moved to Paris, where she became a skilled hunter and pilot. 

Source: youtube.com

Jocelyn is married to billionaire art dealer Alec Wildenstein, and they have two children.

Source: youtube.com

But unfortunately, it was revealed to her that Alec was having an affair with a 19-year-old model in Russia. She was deeply shocked about this. The end result was a world-class divorce in 1999. After this marriage, Jocelyn earned $ 2.5 billion in settlements and more than $ 100 million a year in maintenance, making her the wealthiest woman in America. 

Source: youtube.com

But it was difficult for her to live without her husband. Jocelyn devised an excellent plan. Her husband likes to hunt big cats, so she wanted to look like a cat.

Source: youtube.com

Changing her appearance to look like a cat was her biggest challenge. It led to expensive plastic surgery. Jocelyn has undergone upper and lower eye surgery, eyebrow lift, facelift, lip balm injection, chin augmentation, fat transplant, and cheek transplant.

Source: youtube.com

By doing so, she is trying to look like a cat. But Jocelyn says she has not had a single surgery and that her appearance is all based on her Swiss heritage. After Jocelyn’s ex-husband died in 2008, she lived in a $ 13 million luxury apartment on the 51st floor of Trump Towers. But in 2018, Jocelyn went bankrupt in a shocking way. Then her bank account balance was $ 0.

Source: youtube.com
Source: youtube.com

People spend and work hard to set themselves apart from others is really crazy. Why would anyone want to spend so much to ruin their natural appearance? The results can sometimes be devastating.

I wonder why some people think they can change their God-given natural beauty into something weird. But in my opinion, everyone can change their body the way they want, and everyone has the right to do so. But it is unfortunate to destroy their natural beauty. Natural beauty is the best beauty. 



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