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UK Temperature Hot Enough to Cook Some Breakfast

The climate change made a sever impact over the human life. Extrema weather conditions are reporting from every corner of the world.

A fast moving brush fire near the Yosemite National Park is recorded as the California’s largest wildfire of the year while North Carolina experiencing the heavy rain over last 28 days.

Even in the United Kingdom, the temperature exceeded 39 degrees Celsius, and people were experiencing a great deal of discomfort. On July 18, the United Kingdom experienced its hottest day ever recorded with a temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, and one person decided to do something peculiar on that day.

Can you imagine a man preparing breakfast outside in the sun? It’s hard to believe, but this amazing person made his breakfast without a gas stove, just by using heat.

So, now we know what a heat wave feels like in UK now.

Danny Shaw, 30, from West Yorkshire, decided to try something new. If breakfast can be prepared using the negative effects weather, that is a fantastic idea. This young man accomplished it.

He placed his metal refrigerator in the hot sun as a flat base for cooking breakfast. He put some beacons, eggs and a Bean can on the hot surface.

He saw something wonderful after half an hour. Of course, everything was perfectly cooked.


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♬ original sound – Danny Haw

He recorded the incident and shared it widely on social media with the caption “Cooking breakfast on a fridge in the English sun, it cooked today.”

Try this out and make breakfast if you want to.



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