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What would be the Fate of the Crown of the Queen Mother?

The flags of commonwealth countries are flying half-mast. Western world is mourning the death of Queen Elizabeth II and the authorities in United Kingdom are executing the “London Bridge is Down” – the funeral plan of Her Majesty Queen. Amidst lots of condolence messages and words of comfort flowing towards London, there are some claims are making their way towards the British Empire. What are those claims? Some former colonies of the British Empire want their precious stones that they claimed to be stolen by the British Monarch!

The famous diamond Koh-i-Noor from South Asia which is believed to be the most expensive ever found on earth and the Great Star -a diamond from Africa- among the assets that are calling back. Weighing over 105 carats, Koh-i-Noor is one of the largest cut diamonds on earth and believed to be stolen from South Asia to be set in the Crown of the Queen Mother. South Asian Colonies claim that the diamond was stolen by East India Company and brought back to Britain in 1851 to be presented to Queen Victoria. Upon her death in 1901, before mounting on Crown of the Queen Mother in 1937, it was in the crowns of Queen Alexandra and Queen Mary.

Queen Elizabeth II who passed away on 8th September wore it for the first time in 1953 during her coronation. After 70 years of her rule now the former colonies demand the questioned diamond which values over $400 million back. Meanwhile, Africa Archives in a Twitter message demand the return of “Great Star of Africa” which was mined back in 1905 in South Africa and brought back to Britain to be set in Queen’s scepter. Great Star of Arica aka Cullinan aka First Star of Africa is also values over $400 million.

There is a huge demand from Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India who claim the ownership of Koh-i-Noor diamond to be returned to them after the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II on 19 September 2022. Moreover, some Indian historians and economists further allege Britain has looted over $45 trillion assets from South Asia during their gruesome 200 years of ruling and it is high time to pay back the former colonies.

We are yet to find out what will happen to the Crown of the Queen Mother after 19th September. I am sure that there will be tight security arrangements on the day and afterwards around the crown jewelry due to these claims and demands. Until we find out what is going to happen in a week’s time here are some of the pictures of Koh-i-Noor and Great Star of Africa. Moreover, we have added some of the tweets that are demanding the return of crown jewelry.
Check out them and let us know your ideas buy a comment.

Source: The Print Collector / Alamy Stock Photo
Source: The Archeologists

‘The Koh-i-noor diamond from India sits atop the crown made for the Queen Mother in 1937 and the Great Star of Africa sits in the Queen’s scepter’ pic.twitter.com/l1gZfmmrh5

— Madam Capital (@CapitalMadam) September 10, 2022

Black and brown people around the world who were subject to horrendous cruelties and economic deprivation under British colonialism are allowed to have feelings about Queen Elizabeth.

After all, they were her “subjects” too.

— Karen Attiah (@KarenAttiah) September 8, 2022

If you’re upset that people from colonized countries—whose families were impacted directly by the British monarch—aren’t being “respectful,” maybe just stop and read why people hate them. This wasn’t stuff that happened a long time ago. My parents were born under colonial rule.

— Amina Akhtar (@Drrramina) September 8, 2022



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