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Woman Who Makes Memory Keepsakes from Loved Ones Clothing

Loosing a loved one is an unbearable pain. Also, it is a movement we never dream of. But we all have to face it and bear it in some day.

The memories of such special persons can trigger easily by seeing places we spent more time, things we shared or with a song that she/he loved most.

In early article “People Who Made Their Loved One As A Permanent Memory” we bought a set of amazing stories about acts of pet lovers. Let’s see how about the new one.

A young woman in the United Kingdom had discovered an amazing way to helping those who lost their love. She creates beautiful soft toys out of the clothes which used by those people before passed away.

As pre-Mary Maclnnes, these memory bears can give a new breath to those no longer worn garments, while bring some huge comfort to the people who suffer with the memories of lost one.

Mary uses not only the dress but also jewelry or even ashes on her creations. At the same time these memory bears are stuffed with some extra pockets to keep letters and photos of lost one.

Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

There are thousand of some emotional experience faced in the journey of making memory bears. Her interview with UK Metro Newspaper reported one as follows.

“Recently I had a 37 years old man pleading with me to make his two daughters aged 10 & 12 bears before Christmas. He insisted on paying full and gave me £10 in extra asking me to post them to his Girls”

Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

“It turned out he has terminal cancer and won’t see Christmas. I cried the whole time I cut out, sewed and stuffed those two little bears”

At once, she had turned down making of bears to focus on her higher studies to become a bridal designer.

But she decided to change her direction and focus on making more memories. As per Mary, the reasons that she influenced to do so is the satisfaction she got through serving those harts broken to heal themselves. 

“I love seeing their faces take on character and I’m absolutely loving life. I really enjoy meeting my customers when they collect bears – 80% burst into tears. I think that’s because garments arrive as sad reminders of the past then it’s almost as if new life is breathed into them,

Dressing Gown bear is waving to you.

Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

“They become something that’s much more acceptable to cuddle and talk to, and the feedback is they definitely can help the grieving process,” she added.

💕Lacey 💕Angel memory bear, from baby gros 👼 ✂️🧵🐻

Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

We feel that this is a beautiful way to keep our loved ones close by us, even we lost them.

Also, we should be thankful to the creative people like Mary for their kindness and the service that provide to the society.

Lovely Ladies Purple Wool Based Jumper Memory Bear with eyelashes, keepsake Christmas baubles & keyring 💜

Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

Why not have your loved ones Christmas jumper made into a beautiful keepsake?🤔

Why not have your loved ones Christmas jumper made into a beautiful keepsake?
Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

It’s that time of the year when graduations and retirements are taking place. Remember to keep your tunics, they make beautiful memory bears

Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

Dressing Gown bears. When you need a hug you need a hug

Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

Special bears made from clothing that belonged Grandad Bill 💕🤗✂️📌🧸

Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

Graduation bear 👩‍🎓🎓

Source: mary_mac_creations/IG

If you wish for a memory bear, please do contact Mary though her IG mary_mac_creations/IG



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