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‘World’s Dirtiest Man’ Dies At 94 Shortly After The First Bath In 60 Years

How many days you could stay with no bath? Do you belive, there was a man who had not bath for six decades.

You will be surprised when you hear this story.Today Zelus365 going to unfold the interesting story of Amou Haji.

Amou Haji, who resided in Dejgah, Iran, does not find this peculiar. He intensely disliked bathing. Since he was a child, he firmly rejected water, establishing a record as the dirtiest man in the world.


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Once he had stated that his great aversion for water was influenced by his childhood feelings. Of course, he believed that bathing in water would make him sick.


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His skin was blackened and coated with soot and pus as a result of not washing for so long.

Haji was a homeless and cared by the locals because he had no known relatives.


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His diet consisted of rotting meat and filthy water, with porcupine flesh being his favorite.

Also he had a horrible cigarette habit and might be seen smoking multiple cigarettes at the same time.


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He occasionally smoked a pipe containing animal faeces.


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However, people encouraged him to wash for the first time a few months ago. Wasn’t it a joke of fate that he died suddenly a few months after bathing after being unclean for 60 years?



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