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12 Most Mysterious Forests in the World

Approximately thirty percent of the land on our planet is covered by beautiful lush green woodlands. There are many magical forests in the world full of amazing trees and beautiful plants as well as many mysteries. Forests have mysteries that mesmerize many people and their ancient and natural charm is irresistible.

Sometimes we just need an escape from the everyday hustle and bustles of city life and spend some peaceful time in the lap of nature. When you enter a forest, your senses will become more aware, your lungs will be filled up with wonderful fresh air, and you will become one with nature.

Forests are home to mythical creatures and legends stories and of course, many of them are tagged as haunted places.

Scroll down to explore the most mysterious forests in the world to unravel their secrets and sense the mystery that nature keeps safe in its womb.

#1. Black Forest (“Black Forest”), Germany

Source: smapse.com

#2. Hallerbos, Belgium

Source: sofimartins.tumblr.com

#3. Rata Forest, New Zealand

Source: smapse.com

#4. Crooked Forest, Poland

Source: allthatsinteresting.com

#5. Goblin Forest, New Zealand

Source: reddit.com

#6. Moss swamp, Romania

Source: sofimartins.tumblr.com

#7. Otzarreta Forest, Spain

Source: smapse.com

#8. Hoya Bachu Forest, Romania

Source: smapse.com

#9. Chinese Hemlock Footprint, Taiwan

Source: smapse.com

#10. Tsingy de Bemarha (Forest of Knives), Madagascar

Source: smapse.com

#11. Sagano Bamboo Forest, Japan

Source: steemitimages.com

#12. Halnaker tunnel, UK

Source: photographylife.com

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