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9 Celebrity Kids Raised Under the Shadow of Single Mothers (Maybe, That Would be the reason behind their success)

Parenting is complex and challenging; when it comes to a single mother, it is one of the most complicated tasks in the world. It is now often to meet mothers who take care of their kids alone and on their own without their father. 

Becoming a single mother is not a choice; many circumstances force them to do so.

After the story about a single mother who managed to raise 24 kids, we would like to bring you some inspiring stories about the famous stars grown under the shadow of a single mother. Zelus365 hopes this would be a great tribute to those strong mothers.


#1. Marcheline Bertrand — Angelina Jolie’s mother

Source: © Anthony Taafe/Coleman-Rayner / EAST NEWS

The name Marcheline Bertrand might not be familiar to you. But if it says along with Angelina Jolie, there is no doubt it makes sense. Yes, Marcheline is the mother of the famous movie star Lara Croft.

She got married to the young actor Jon Voight in 1971. 

It was the very beginning of her carrier as a cinema actress. Unfortunately, Marcheline and Jon broke up after nine years of their marriage. She used to choose the character of a mother over celebrity life.

We believe that her strong attitudes help Angelina to become not only a successful actress but also a good mother to her six children.

#2. Judith Ann Hawkins — Halle Berry’s mother


Judith Ann Hawkins had two little girls when she got divorced from Jerome berry. 

Halle was just passed four years old when it happens. Ann’s job as a nurse at a psychiatric hospital was the only support to raised her little angles by her own.

Halle has able to give the best tribute to her mother as becoming a memorable star in cinema. She became the first black actress who win the Best Actress at Oscar and by winning prestigious awards like Golden globe and Emmy. 

#3. Irmelin Indenbirken — Leonardo DiCaprio’s mother


Leonardo was the only kid of the comic book writer George DiCaprio. Unfortunately, his Parent’s marriage did not long-lasted after one year of his birth. After the divorce, the kid’s title passes to Leonardo’s mother. Irmelin Indenbirken had to pass a lot of hard times to grow the little one alone. She had to work several jobs in addition to her permanent job as a court clerk.

Her sacrifices were not wasted; Leonardo became a world-famous star and devoted his life to environmental protection and some more charities since 1998. As per records, the DeCario foundation has donated over USD 30 Million toward eco friendly projects all over the world.

#4. Patricia Hickey — Mariah Carey’s mother

Source: © Wiese/face to face/FaceToFace / REPORTER, © Wiese/face to face/FaceToFace / REPORTER

The famous pop star Mariah Carey was born to air navigation engineer Alfred Roy Carey and her wife, Patricia Hickey. Her Parent got divorced when she got three years old, and Patricia’s career as an opera singer was not enough to maintain her family. She used to do more part-time jobs to take care of her child.

We believe that little Mariah followed her mother in her career. She has been able to get five Grammy awards in her singing career. 

With the past experience she had, she started a foundation to support seriously ill children and start child camp in New York to help poor children to study art.

#5. Pattie Mallette — Justin Bieber’s mother

Source: © Scott Kirkland/PictureGroup / EAST NEWS

Elizabeth Patricia Mallette gave birth to Justin Bieber at the age of eighteen. Soon after the birth of the child, Elizabeth and Jeremy Bieber ended up their three years relationship.

However, as a young mother, Elizabeth faced all challenges alone. She continued her career as a writer and producer while taking care of her little kid. 

As we all know, Elizabeth prepared her child to become the bestselling musician in Canadian history. At the age of 12, Bieber got famous all over the music world with the video uploaded by Elizabeth. 

#6. Amanda Cornett — Selena Gomez’s mother

Source: © AP / EAST NEWS

The story of Selena is also relatively equal to the Bieber, Where Amanda gave birth to a little angel at the age of sixteen. However, the marriage of Amanda and Ricardo Joel Gomez lasted only five years after the birth of the little one.  

As a young single mother, she takes on all the responsibilities of the little star. Amanda inspired her daughter to become a singer. Finally, Selena has able to fulfil her mother’s wishes at the age of 17 while becoming a world-famous pop singer. Not only that, Glamour magazine named her “The Woman of the year” in 2012.

We believe a theatre actress, a young single mother, would never expect something more than that from her poor kid.

#7. Donda West — Kanye West’s mother


Donda West separated from her husband when little Kanye at the age of 3 years old. Fortunately, her carrier as an English teacher at Chicago University was grated support for her at that hard time.

Donda directs her son in his pursuit of success in the music industry and is still behind him as a personal manager.

She has proven her success as a mother by making her son among the 100 of most influencing people in the world.

#8. Judy Loe — Kate Beckinsale’s mother

Source : © FaceToFace / REPORTER

Kate Beckinsale lost her father at the age of 5 years. However, her mother, Judy Loe managed to raise her with the support of her career as a theatre actress. 

After years of effort and several failures, Kate Beckinsale becomes a success as a cinema actress.

Ultimately, she has been able to make her mother proud and make the grate value to her mother’s sacrifices. 

#9. Betty Lou Bredemus — Julia Roberts’ mother

Source: © Glen McCurtayne/Coleman-Rayner / EAST NEWS

As all above, Julia also had some bad experiences with breakups with her parents. Even though her mother, Betty, managed to build one of the “Most attractive people” in the world under her shadow. 

With the inspiration of her mother, Julia tends to pay more attention to her daughter and two sons with her busy schedules.

All the above stories ultimately remind us a single parent still has the opportunity to raise a valuable asset to society

Also, we appreciate the effort of single parents who struggle to raise their children.



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