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A Country with No Army

Do you believe that a country can survive without a standing military? The military happens to be one of the most important possessions of any nation. In today’s modern world, it’s all about the Military and power. A country’s strength is measured by the strength of its military power. Israel is the most militarized country in our world. The United States has the biggest as well as the most powerful military in this world.

Yes, that’s true every country should have a standing military force. But there is an amazing country with no standing military forces at all. It’s Grenada, known as the “Isle of Spice”.  It is a small island country in the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea.

Because of no standing military forces, you may feel like Grenada is the worst country in the world. But that’s not true. Grenada is one of the safest places to live. It’s a lovely island with a low crime rate. The people are very friendly and helpful. You don’t even need to lock your doors when you go out. They have the police force and it’s called the Royal Grenada Police Force. That police only act as the coast guard without any guns too. Grenada is the symbol of peace for the whole world.

Grenada’s police officers with no weapons

Source: bjornfree.com

So, the absence of a military saves a large amount of money from the national budget. Grenada invests all military money to develop the country. They invest their money to develop nature, tourism, agriculture, education, and many more country developmental activities.

Instead of military bases, Grenada has fabulous beaches. Grand Anse is the largest, world-famous, and most developed beach in Grenada. 

Grand Anse beach, Grenada

Source: sandals.com

This peaceful country owns impressive national parks and lush tropical rainforests.  The Molinere underwater sculpture is the first of its kind in the world. This is the way they invest their army money in their country to attract more visitors. Without maintaining a military, they maintain country tourism.

Annandale Falls, Grenada

Source: sandals.com

Underwater Sculpture Park in St. George.

Source: secretharbourgrenada.com

Instead of aircraft carriers, navy ships, and military bases, there you can see yachts, cruise ships at St. George port. 

Source: eturbonews.com

The country name sounds like a country full of grenades, but they don’t have a single grenade. It is a humorous fact that a country name sounds like grenades for a country with no army at all.

Then instead of grenades, they have cocoa. Do you know, the cocoa cultivation has hardly bound with their life? There is a chocolate festival week in month of May every year. Grenada exports the world’s best quality chocolates all over the world.

Cocoa farmer in Grenada,

Source: truebluebay.com

This island country produces a huge number of spices, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, ginger, and vanilla. It is one of the major exporters of some of this spice in the world.

Instead of military schools, Grenada has famous medical colleges for worldwide foreign students.

You cannot see parades with huge weapons and army in this country. But Grenada has vibrant carnival. These amazing people celebrates a colorful and exuberant world-famous carnival called “Spicemas” which is a rich cultural event as same as Venice Carnival. Since 1981, the second Monday and Tuesday of the August is dedicated for one of the most colorful events in the world.

Each and every street in the main city filled with colorful masqueraders’ dresses

Source: grenada-spicemas-01
Source: thestkittsnevisobserver.com

People visit to the festival from all around the world

Source: spicemas-1
Source: spicemas-1

So even standing with no army Grenada remarked its name in the world in many unique and amazing ways. The rich culture, happy faces and the peacefulness always welcome the peoples to visit them.

Well, if Grenada can survive without an army, then why not the whole world? Imagine the world with no military no boundaries and it’s all one. Then the earth will be heaven and you don’t have to die to go to heaven. We as a human should continuously work towards peace and hope a day comes without a military. Grenada is inspiring all of us to do that.



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