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Venice Carnival 2022 – Check Out These Stunning Images

Venice Carnival became extremely popular in the 18th century when aristocrats worldwide attended the annual carnival. The noble and royal families from neighboring countries also wore extravagant costumes and masks.

For long periods over the centuries, it was the few ways that citizens could get away from the Venetian government’s shackles by centuries. The carnival was not scheduled to be reinstated until the Italian government determined to promote Venetian heritage and culture in 1979.

What’s the procedure?

The Carnival of Venice is very distinct from carnivals in Spain or Brazil. The celebration is held over ten days, during which participants dress up in costumes and participate in organized parades or just simple procession on the streets.

These costumes were 17th-century Venetian gowns that look exactly like the ones inspired by a painting by Canaletto.

Many events and ball parties are scheduled during this time. Sure, they are exclusive and therefore difficult to access except if you know someone willing to invite you. If the events aren’t private, the cost is high, and tickets are approximately EUR500.

Do everyone dress in a fancy way?

Most people dress in costumes during this Carnival, and they prefer to stroll around in extravagant costumes and elaborate masks. However, some do wear masks that they’ve purchased from the various street stalls in the city.

The idea is that tourists stroll around the city, taking photographs of the most beautiful costumes and most striking masks. There are some who, naturally, visit Venice and hire stunning clothes to celebrate the event.

Venice Carnival Weather Averages

The Carnavale usually falls between the end of January and mid-February. Because Venice is situated so near to the Alps, the weather is generally freezing, and it is sometimes snowy, so make sure to pack gloves, a hat as well as a scarf, and a well-fitting coat.

What’s the exact date for 2022’s Venice Carnival?

It is expected that the 2022 Venice Carnival dates will begin on 12th February 2022 until Tuesday, 1st March 2022.

Venice Carnival always concludes every year on Shrove Tuesday, the day preceding Ash Wednesday, the last day that one can indulge in excess, gluttony and revelry before forty days of Lent begin.

The last week in Venice Carnival is the ideal time to be there. This means that beginning from Fat Thursday (Giovedi Grasso) through Shrove Tuesday (Martedi Grasso) is the time that the most popular events happen. Also, it is the most crowded period to be in Venice to attend Carnival.

Things to do during Venice Carnival

Venice Carnival is an open and private festival. During the day, you can take part in free public events and marvel at the extravagant costume. However, at night balls, masquerades and celebrations are held at exclusive Venetian Palaces.


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